Should You Repair or Replace Your Old Roof

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Those who own a house often say that the house is incomparable to apartments because it offers more freedom, comfort, and privacy, but they also say that it is a “bottomless pit” when it comes to maintenance. Landscaping, replacing carpentry, floors, and tiles are just some of the things you will need to replace from time to time. But what about the roof? You will agree that the roof is a very important item and that it is very important that it performs its function.

Of all the building elements, the roof is most exposed to the influence of the atmosphere and the environment. Cold, humidity, snow, hail, wind, storm, earthquakes, dust, soot, moss, vermin, fire, etc. – that is why a properly constructed roof is very important for any building.

Appropriate roof slopes are prescribed for each roofing material and type, from which it can deviate only with special additional construction measures.

What are the signs that you need a roof repair?

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From day to day our house performs an important task: it hides us from time, provides comfort. And we take that for granted. And we think a little about the fact that he also needs our care. Like the roof. It protects us from the sun, snow, hail, wind, rain and therefore simply has to be safe and healthy. But often we don’t even have a few minutes for a small inspection. In the meantime, this would help you find out in time if there is any damage.

If your roof is relatively new and you think that replacing the roof is too much of an investment, repairing the roof is the right solution.

When is the time to repair the roof?

Several signs will tell us that it is time to check our roof and repair it if possible.

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Pieces of shingles are torn off

This is usually one of the first signs of a roof problem. The good news is that this can be fixed, but if you are a person who pays a lot of attention to aesthetics, forget about this option. Why? Because the repaired part will be noticed.

The shingles cracked

This is another sign that points to repair. The roof protects us from the wind, but it is the wind that causes the shingles to crack. It is recommended to replace only the damaged part, but count that in time it will be time to replace the complete roof. In any case, the advice is to even leave the repair to professionals. This way you will save your time and you will be sure that the job is done well. Read more about it at

You noticed moss on the roof

Another key indication that you may need to replace your roof is if you see moss on it. While it may seem to you that moss on the roof is an unusual decoration that will make your home more special, moss is actually an indicator of a potential problem.

It seems to you that part or even the entire roof is sunken

This is one of those signs when you should be seriously concerned about the condition of your roof. Namely, this phenomenon most often indicates that there is a problem with the roof structure that you necessarily need to solve.

In addition to the above signs that your roof needs intervention, there are others that indicate:

  • The interior walls or ceiling are cracked or there are dark stains on the ceiling
  • Apparent leakage into the interior after heavy wind-induced rain
  • Signs of damage or discoloration of the water in the attic
  • Signs of leaks in the attic after ice accumulation
  • Signs of accumulation of algae or dirty sequins on different parts of the roof
  • Rising energy costs during a typical winter. This could mean that the roof is losing energy.

How can we prevent the roof from collapsing?

There are several things we can do to extend the life of a roof. It is recommended to check once a year, in the summer, while there is no heavy rainfall yet. Of course, after severe storms, you will have to do the same. If you notice an accumulation of moss or insects, the roof tiles need to be cleaned. Most homeowners can spot obvious problems on the roof, such as missing or stray shingles, without climbing on the roof. Other types of damage, however, are not so visible to the uneducated eye, which is why it is important to get an expert opinion.

If your roof is relatively new (less than five years old), shows no signs of interior leaks, and has not been exposed to major weather events since the last inspection, you can probably go through a visual inspection from the ground and a quick leak test in the attic. In any case, however, a comprehensive roofing inspection should be completed by a roofing expert who knows what to look for. Checking roof drainage for dirt mainly with leaves in the fall and winter, freeing roof ducts and gutters from snow and ice, are also factors you need to consider. Damaged parts of the gutters are being repaired because the slowdown of water and runoff in the other direction causes wetting of the attic and facade.

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Unfortunately, we are not always aware of the damage or other irregularities on the roof. To detect them and repair them properly, we should commission a roof inspection from a professional roofing company with the appropriate skills and experience. It is a good idea to save all the completed work in the roof service book, which will allow you to carefully control all the repairs performed.

Roofers know very well which elements are susceptible to damage and where the various difficulties are most common. This allows you to identify the problem and solve the problem much faster, reducing the risk of a particular malfunction getting worse, and thus reducing the costs associated with their subsequent repair.