Key Roles and Responsibilities in an HR Department – 2024 Review

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An HR department is a section that can be categorized under the aspects that modernity has gifted us with. Though we can admit that cutting edge comes with its own complexities and ramifications, establishing an HR department has only proved to be fruitful.

Despite being new, it has added new dimensions to the job market, making workplace management thousand times easier. Read on if you want to know more about the core responsibilities of an HR manager and how they go by managing them.

Payroll Management

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Most people live with the idea that anything that has to deal with the finances belongs to the accounting department. While that idea isn’t entirely false, the release of the remunerations depends on the HR department.

The accounting department has to get the amount correct, but the rest of the responsibility lies with the HR professionals. They are in charge of deciding when the employees receive their salaries and how much bonus they are going to receive.

They have to prepare a chart illustrating the profiles of the individuals who are the most eligible for a promotion and their respective reasons for the same. This list is then sent to the superiors who review the list and choose the most deserving candidate.

However, it is the HR department that is tasked with the responsibility of formulating their names and profiles. They are also the ones who decide the amount of bonus an individual will receive and why. In this case, as well, they prepare a list of candidates which they send for approval to their respective superiors.

Therefore, it can be said that the promotion of a particular employee is as reliant on the HR department as it is on their respective employers.

Hiring candidates

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Recruiting professionals is quite a difficult job. Not only does it play a remarkable role in the career of the applicant, but it also makes a lasting decision for the future of the concerned company.

Thus, the ones on the hiring end need to be as good as the candidate that they are interviewing. It might take talent to be selected, but it also requires skill to choose the right one. This is a talent that every HR professional must be a master at.

One significant change in the has witnessed the emergence of newer job titles. Initially, the number of jobs available was scarce since the responsibility each of them had was also less.

As time goes by, people come up with more and more ideas on improving an aspect of the job or the company. These ideas turn into responsibilities that culminate into the opening of more job opportunities.

Titles like Cloud Architect or Cyber Security Consultant are new to the market. Like a new phone, a new car, or a new house, a new job title intrigues a candidate encouraging them to incline towards that job.

It can be said that creating new titles is an HR manager’s way to market the position and attract worthy suitors.

Conflict Resolution

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If two people work together, one thing that can undoubtedly be marked inevitable is a conflict. When people sign off on a job, they are usually in for at least a year or more; therefore, that counts for working with the same people for a year, minimum.

When two people co-exist, they will have their individual opinions, which might not always seem to coincide. The differences can escalate to a conflict that can easily give rise to a heated argument.

Not to mention the ill effects of an argument on the two employees’ relation, but it also disrupts the workplace environment. One of the elementary job requirements of an HR professional is to oversee the efficiency and productivity of the workplace.

Conflicts can swell to come in the way of the office management and the work an HR director is to avoid just that. This is why they need to have their ears to the ground and eyes wide open all the time. They need to be in tune with all the company departments and be in regular contact with each employee.

As soon as they get the news of the development of a conflict, they can start the works of resolving it.

Employee Engagement

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This job role is also primarily connected to conflict resolution since proper employee engagement paves the way to prevent any possible causes for conflict resolution.

Every workplace hires people from different races, backgrounds, and countries. Therefore, one great way to connect all of the employees is to celebrate all kinds of festivals at the office premises.

For example, if the office is located in India, it is quite natural to pay enough attention to festivities like Diwali, Rakshabandhan, or Holi. However, if the office accommodates people belonging to Christianity and Islam, they should pay equal heed to events like Eid, Christmas, or even Thanksgiving.

Enjoying and participating in cross-culture programs is an excellent way for the employees to get to know each other better. Learning about a new race and their peculiar customs is a relatively intimate act, and this intimacy plays a massive role in bringing them closer.

However, the tenets of employee engagement do not end in arranging cultural programs. HR professionals also organize activities that require the employees to engage amongst themselves while, parallelly, serving as relaxation to their daily job.

These activities can include anything from a weekend picnic to a quiz day. The HR department arranges regular surveys, which helps them get a better idea regarding their interests. Then, they assimilate the bunch of people who share similar interests and set up a common pursuit for them.

Similar to how conflict resolution prevents any disruptions in the smooth workflow, employee engagement motivates its employees to retain the efficient ambiance of the workplace. If the workplace sustains its smoothness, productivity spikes up. If the productivity spikes then, so do the chances of the companies achieving high success.