Top 9 Retro Design Armchairs 2024

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Getting an armchair seems like a simple process for many people. Yet, things become different when you go to a store or visit a webstore. You usually start with one idea, but things change when you see all those beautiful designs.

The first thing that you need to determine is what type of design you want to find. We believe that you planning to adapt your armchair to the design of your room. Yet, the colors are not the only thing that you need to adapt. The entire chair needs to be in your style. One of the preferred styles among people is a retro style. You can often find this sort of armchairs in different houses.

Yet, as we said, when you see all those beautiful designs, things become a bit complicated. Because of that, we want to provide you with a list of top retro design armchairs. We know that this type of armchair will wake up your nostalgia.

Let’s find them out together.

1. Oliver Bonas 1958 Armchair

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Well, if you a big fan of mid-century style, then this model is a perfect choice for you. The armchair itself is fresh and light-hearted. Well, we can say that the main characteristic of this chair is comfort. Thanks to foam core, the cushions will stay always in a shape.

The covers are also high-quality because they are made of Designers Guild fabric. You can find them in seven different bright colors, from hot pink to cobalt blue.

2. Laura Ashley Burlington Leather Chair

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Well, many manufacturers like to say that this is the granddaddy of armchairs. More precisely, this armchair is designed to resemble a family heirloom. The dimensions of a chair are perfect for each person.

You will find it in eight types of leather. The good thing is that they will age naturally over time. The good thing is that cushions have been filled with polyester fibre. That requires additional turning and plumping. Yet, it is good because it made the armchair more affordable for people.

3. Neptune George Armchair

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Well, this model is a good choice for people that are not quite sure which design they prefer. It is some sort of mix of modernity and tradition. Because of that, this modern retro chair can be suitable for different types/designs of homes.

The low sunken arms and mid-height back are all contemporary updates to the familiar style. Despite that, the upholstery fabric ranges from tartan wools to lightweight linens. Additionally, you can pick between pale oak and dark legs.

4. Ikea Ekenaset Armchair

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Well, this Swedish furniture giant is famous for quality furniture and affordable prices. Yet, this is the chair that we would want to highlight. This is actually a revamp of the original Ikea’s design from the middle 50s. The chair comes with a laid-back style with a birch frame. Despite that, the cushions are fixed and upholstered in grey fabric.

Yet, we do not want to say this is an armchair where you can sink into for many hours. Still, it is a great choice for people that like to invite guests to their house.

5. GE 290 Plank Chair

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This chair was inspired by Hans Wegner in 1953. If you are a big fan of the early 50s, then this model would be a great choice. Today’s model comes with the smooth and clean lines at every single angle of the chair. Despite that, there are also rounded-edged cushions which make the model suitable for every styled home. It is a perfect match for different rooms like the living room, bedroom, office, or even reception area.

Fortunately, many online stores offer this chair to their customers. For example, and similar websites are places where you can get one. We believe that retro design armchair fans will be happy to see different designs there.

6. Sofa Peggy Armchair

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Well, this might not be the chair people would usually bring to their homes. However, that also depends on the interior design of your rooms.

When you look at this chair, it seems more like a club or cocktail chair with its retro style. For example, it comes with slim cylindrical wood legs and shallow seat that is not something you will often see in the homes of others. Yet, we believe that this chair can be customized in a huge range of textures, patterns, and prints. Just because it is unusual, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make a perfect combination at your home.

7. Arlo & Jacob Wallis Armchair

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We believe that in this world there are also fans of the 1930s. We are here to talk about models that will satisfy everyone without any excuse. Because of that, we can’t skip this model.

Well, the high and fluted back is a characteristic chair for American member’s clubs of that period of history. However, modern styling makes the armchair look more modern.

The chair comes with a hardwood frame. This ensures that the chair will last for a long period of time.

8. Graham and Green Hamilton Armchair

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This chair is some sort of synonym for comfort. It is 87cm-wide which is enough space to find the right position for your body. Despite that, it is a perfect choice for those that like to take a blanket and book and enjoy their free time.

The back cushions and the springy foam-filled seat are making this armchair even better. As you know, this model is definitely the type of retro chairs that you would love. Still, it also comes with hand-turned oak legs that are adding some modern twist to the chair.

There are three types of upholstery – linen, caleido, and velvet. If you have never heard about caleido, then it is better to explain it. It is some sort of cotton-linin mix that provides comfort.

9. Loaf Swagamuffin Armchair

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All Loaf’s armchairs and sofas come with exaggerated dimensions. That feature gives an overly and cozy plump appearance. Absolutely every part of this retro armchair is designed for comfort. This especially includes foam cushions that are wrapped in feathers. Besides that, the buttoned back and curved arms keep the things refined.

The chair also comes with a wooden frame that guarantees durability.