Home Maintenance Checklist – Must Have Tools and Equipment in 2024

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When you become a homeowner, you realize that there are always some small fixes that need to be done. For some things, you will need to call a professional to help you get the job done, but there are a lot of things that you can do on your own. However, you cannot fix things if you don’t have the right tools and the right equipment.

Once you move into a new home and when you start living in it, you will realize that there are things that need to be done. No matter if the fence broke and you need just a little bit of time and skills to fix it, or if you need to hang another picture, or if you just want to put some new shelves up. All of these things are easy to do and pretty much everyone can do them. Home maintenance is a really important thing if you want to keep things in check and if you don’t want to renovate and buy new things every other year.

Many people forget that they need to take care of the house as they care for their bodies. If you want to be able to live in that place for years to come and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money every year, then you need to tackle the issues as they come. Because of that, we made a list of the tools and equipment you need to have in your home. It is better to get these things before you need them, so when you need them, you will only need to go to the garage or the other room, instead of running around to find the store that sells them.


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According to experts from Lakeside-hire.co.uk, this is the most basic tool that you need to have in your household. It will help you do a lot of things, no matter if you want to fix (or break) things in your home or in the garden. Most hammers have a head and a claw and you can use the same tool for driving in the nails and for prying them out.

You can find this tool in pretty much every store for homeowners, for garden maintenance or just a store that sells tools. There are different size hammers and with different quality, but they all get the job done. When buying this tool, make sure you invest in something that is made from durable materials and something that will stand the test of time.

You need a hammer that will not break or wear in time and something that you will replace only if you lose it. Most of them are inexpensive, so unless you want to buy something that is for professionals and made from unique materials, you won’t have to pay a lot of money.


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This is another basic that you need to have in your home. These tools will help you take care of a lot of things that need to be fixed, starting from your laptop up to the fridge. Even though it is recommended to hire a professional service if something like that breaks, you need the screwdrivers.

This tool is not only used to fix things or to break something apart. They are also used to assemble things like furniture or new equipment. There are a lot of things that you need to put together on your own, and you definitely cannot do that without a nice set of screwdrivers.

You should know that there are two basic types of this tool. There are the flat head and the one with the small cross in the middle. To get the best out of this tool, you will need to buy a set that contains different sizes and different types of screwdrivers. You can even create the set on your own, by getting different sizes piece by piece.

When it comes to quality, the same goes for every equipment, you need something that will be durable and things that you won’t have to replace every year. Invest in a good set and know that you will use them till you lose them.

Drill Press

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A drill press is something that is useful for every person who wants to do some DIY projects. There are a lot of jobs you can finish on your own with this tool and with it, you can save a lot of money. The great thing about it is that there is a number of different things you can do with it starting from screwing (or unscrewing) bolts, up to drilling holes and tapping.

You don’t need a lot of skills to use it, and if you are a perfectionist that wants everything to look perfect, then this tool is the right for you. However, many homeowners get confused when they need to choose the right drill press since there are a lot of different types and sizes. Cordlessdrillguide.com suggests that you need to get one that will fit your needs and something that is durable and easy to use. Some of them are portable and you don’t need any extra skills to get the job done.

Other tools and equipment

There are a lot of basic things you need in your home so that you can do proper maintenance. Some of the other things you need to have in your tool shed or your tool drawer include:

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  • Wrenches – or one adjustable wrench
  • Utility knife – at least one, you can buy several with different sizes and different options
  • Putty knife – one is enough
  • Handsaw – there will be a time when you need it, so you better get it now
  • Pliers – you need them. Buy several different shapes and sizes
  • Tape measure – you will use it for every different DIY project. Buy one that is really durable and that won’t break or get damaged in the second use
  • Flashlight
  • Tape – you will need duct tape, electrical, painter’s tape and plumber’s tape
  • Toolbox – and you can keep this one in your car

Most of these tools you will need to buy only once. You don’t have to have a full shed of tools that you won’t frequently use. Get the basics first and depending on the things you do around the house; you can buy more tools in time. And you don’t have to get everything at once. Start with the things you are most likely to use and buy one tool per month or week. In less than a year you will have everything you may need and more.