Do’s and Don’ts of Riding an Electric Bike in the Rain

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Driving a bike is one of the most exciting rides as it serves the purpose of physical movement and fun. But this can turn the other side when the weather changes, so one needs to make sure that they are prepared for adverse conditions. So in this article, we will discuss tips to be followed for traveling in the rain.

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There are some tips mentioned below which have to be followed to ensure a safe trip on an electric bike in the rain.

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1. Keep a First aid

First aid is the most crucial necessity before you start a journey because getting hurt or facing any accident is very common, so it’s better to be prepared in such times. You must make sure that you keep some particular contents in your first aid, including infection cleaner, cotton, bandages, and antibiotic cream.

You can add more content to your first aid based on your medical history because if you are driving alone, you must be safe and secure.

2. Carry a helmet Helmet

While driving, wearing a helmet is essential because it protects your head against crashes and provides you with a sense of safety. Nowadays, bikes come in with a small section for the helmets to place your helmets in that section and make sure that you have a safe journey.

And it is also legally important to drive while wearing a bike.

3. Make sure your bike has Fenders

The fenders are often referred to as mudguard in the local languages as it prevents dirt from moving on the back of the jacket. When users drive through the ground or water floor, water gets in touch with the tire and forces in motion to complete a circular path and fall on the clothes or backpack. So you must make sure that fenders are placed on your bike.

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4. Check Brake shoes before journey

Before going on any journey, you must make sure that you have checked the brake shoes of your bike because sometimes the brake shoes might get rubbed and then do not work correctly. So it would be best if you always kept an extra pair of brake shoes in your garage for smooth driving and instant stopping.

5. Check Tires

By continuous use, your bike tires can be smoothened, which results in skidding while driving, which is extremely risky and unsafe. So you must make sure that when your tire starts being smoothened, you can replace them with new ones for a safer journey.

New tires can help you prevent skidding and slipping on wet roads.

6. Make sure Headlights are working fine

Various bikes come in with the feature of headlights, so if your bike has headlights, then you must make sure that it’s sufficiently charged before a drive. Also, it would be best if you carried extra torchlights in your bag to make sure that you can use them if you come back late.

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7. Always carry Waterproof bag and cover

Various intelligent bags contain charger sockets and waterproof covers, so it’s always an excellent choice to choose one of them. You can palace these waterproof covers on your backpacks and then make sure that the bag’s content remains safe even in the rain.

8. Be more cautious

It’s always an excellent choice to be cautious and aware, so it’s always advisable to be in your senses and prevent any form of mistakes or rash decisions when you face such issues. Also, you should not panic and handle everything with a calm mind.

9. Perform Cleaning and Lubrication

As you reach your destination, you must make sure that you take clean water and clean your bike once you are done cleaning your motorcycle. Then take a dry cloth, start wiping your bike, and make a list of all the repairs that have to be done in the cycle.

Also, clean yourself and wear some warm clothes to prevent catching a cold.


There are some things which are to be avoided while driving in the rain.

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1. Do not keep changing gears

Changing gear every time while driving can be harmful to you because your bike might skid while you are changing gears, so choose the equipment you find comfortable and drive in it. Going in the first gear is more advisable as it is both slow and easy to stop.

2. Keep cell phone carefully

You should keep the cellphones carefully, so when it begins raining, you must send a text to the loved ones about your arrival, and then you must keep your cellphone in your waterproof bag to prevent it from getting wet.

When you have finished cleaning your bike, you must lubricate all the joints, and in the end, you must lubricate the chain of your bike to make sure that your bike remains in top-notch condition.

3. Do not drive in high water level

Before moving into the water, you must check the water level because if the water level is high, then there are chances that the water can reach the inner circuit of your electric bike. So before moving in wetness, it’s advisable to check its height, and if it is below the course level, it’s safe to drive.

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4. Do not drive bike before covering it

The various bikes now come with a waterproof cover that you can place on the bike, and then the user can cover a journey in the rain very quickly. So you must make sure that you protect your bike with that cover as it will prevent the rain from entering the cycle and keep your bike safe.

5. Do not drive fast

Rains are enthusiastic and could fill one with immense joy, but you must make sure that you drive slow when it’s raining because the visibility and friction of the roads reduce the instant rains begin. So make sure to go to the edge of the road and also make sure to drive slowly to prevent skidding.