Dos and Don’ts for a Perfect Wedding Proposal

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There is no wrong or right way to ask your partner’s hand in marriage, but there are many ways to ensure that your marriage proposal goes on smoothly from beginning to end. A wedding proposal is a brand-new experience for you, so it’s pretty understandable if you don’t know where to start. This guide aims to provide you with essential pointers to make the moment a successful and happy milestone in your and your partner’s lives.

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Do make the proposal meaningful

A proposal isn’t about grandeur but all about the special meaning behind the gesture. If it’s not in your personality to be sweet, this might be the one time that you need to step out of your comfort zone. A marriage proposal should be romantic and meaningful to you and your partner. It’s a testament to your solid commitment to being united with a person in this lifetime. Choose a location that means a lot to both of you. Whether it’s the restaurant where you had your first date or the park where you first bumped into each other, it’s always best to add a dash of sentiment into your proposal.

Do talk with her parents

This may be an outdated practice in this day and age. However, if your partner’s family follows traditional values, it will be very much appreciated if you talk with her parents before proposing. Discussing your plans to wed with her parents and getting their approval will give you more confidence to push through with your plan of asking your partner’s hand in marriage.

Do not follow the trends

It’s understandable to be enticed to plan your marriage proposal at a trendy food spot in the city. But keep in mind that restaurants may come and go. After your wedding, you may want to recreate this special event from time to time as a married couple. With this in mind, pick long-standing venues, such as outdoor locations, historic sites, and parks, to name a few. You want to keep your proposal classy and elegant, so make sure to find a spot that offers an intimate and memorable atmosphere for a proposal. You can read more about staying composed and ensuring the best marriage proposal here.

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Do decide whether to propose in public or private

Not everyone wants to be the center of attention, while some are looking forward to sharing this momentous occasion with family and friends. If you are unsure whether to plan a public or private proposal, it’s time to do a bit of research. You can do this by subtly asking your partner about her idea of the perfect marriage proposal. If you don’t want to arouse suspicions from your partner, it may be best to seek advice from a friend or family member you can trust to keep your marriage proposal a secret. If you are an intensely private person, your partner would still be touched getting asked for marriage in a more intimate environment.

Do buy an engagement ring

Your partner will wear the engagement for the rest of their life. It is therefore vital to get a sense of the aesthetic they love. You can get a clear idea of the type of ring they want by looking at the current selection of pieces they own. You may also ask friends and family members to help narrow down design choices. Your engagement ring is an investment, so make sure to go to a reputable jewelry store if you’re finally set to make a great purchase. But before you visit a jeweler, make sure to know your partner’s ring size. Bring a ring that she regularly wears for more precise sizing. If she doesn’t wear rings, jewelry stores will typically follow a standard sizing guide based on a wearer’s weight and height.

Do secure the necessary permits

If you plan a complex proposal, like a flash mob in the middle of a park or a series of special events in a public space, secure the necessary permits. Police officers and public officials are not keen on unauthorized setup. Even when orchestrating a proposal, your plan will likely get canceled if you don’t have any permit secured. Ideally, reserve a private venue if you plan a complex proposition for your partner.

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Do create a decoy

A solid decoy is a crucial part of a perfect engagement proposal. Start looking at activities she won’t say no to or would be extremely thrilled to do. Then, ask a close friend or family member of your accomplice to throw her off track so that you can plan it out smoothly. At the end of your planning, you’ll be less nervous and more excited once you’ve planned out everything down to the last detail.

Do not expose your plan to many

The more people know about your marriage proposal, the higher the risk of ruining the surprise for your partner. Pick a select few of her friends or family members who should know about the event during your planning stage. Remember that a marriage proposal is always a surprise, so the last thing you want is for all your careful planning to be spoiled by information leaks from other people.

Do know where she’s coming from

You need to know where your partner will be before your wedding proposal. Is she is coming from work, or is she bringing her friends and family to your venue? It’s always best to learn about her schedule on the day of your proposal to avoid hiccups or delays. It’s an eventful date, so make sure she doesn’t have a full schedule on the day you plan to propose. Ideally, prepare your proposal on the weekend or when she is most accessible.

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Final thoughts

As cliché as it may sound, it’s the thought that matters. Your genuine intention to ask her hand in marriage is the most crucial part of your engagement. Make sure to prepare a heartfelt message before you pop the question. Ask for help from friends and family members if needed to guarantee a successful event.