The Role of Lighting in Smart Buildings

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A smart building is a building that incorporates the use of technology in its operations. Smart buildings are more advanced than normal buildings. They are the kind of buildings people in this day and age are setting up in their homes, businesses, and organizations.

Technology has exponentially advanced in the recent past and this has drawn organizations and business entities to have their staff as tech-savvy people.

This translates to clients gaining the tech-savvy skills which they need to keep transacting in businesses and purchasing goods and services from organizations and business entities. Light is defined as that which enables people to see and enhance the visibility of things around us.

Smart buildings do need lighting inside them and on the outside to enhance the visibility of homes, organizations, and business entities. Smart building lighting has become one of the things that organizations and business entities invest in so that they shine in their niches and compete effectively.

3 Roles of Lighting in Smart Buildings

There are various roles that lighting plays in smart buildings. This article will highlight three roles of lighting in smart buildings.

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  • Tracking Assets

Lighting is very important in all spaces that a human being is in. Most of the time, people rely on the natural light ‘sun’, however the sun only shines during the day. This then necessitates people to get artificial light.

It is not only during the night that these artificial lights are used, they are also essential during the day. This is in instances where there are offices that are dark because natural light cannot pass through.

The reason for this would be because there are no windows that let light in. However, even with buildings that have windows, artificial light is used to enhance the beauty of spaces and make a space have a welcoming ambiance.

One of the roles of smart building lighting, such as those at, is to assist people, organizations and business entities track their assets. It would be impossible to locate an item without a source of light. For example, in working spaces such as hospitals or manufacturing industries where various tools and machines are made use of, the staff responsible make great use of smart building lighting.

  • Maintaining Buildings

Another major role of smart building lighting is maintaining buildings. A smart building ought to be clean at all times. Many organizations and business entities employ cleaning companies to offer cleaning services to them. The availability of smart building lighting will assist the cleaning services staff to ensure that all the smart building spaces are clean at all times.

Smart building lighting could also play a role in minimizing the consumption of energy. This is possible by having the lights on, only when they are necessary. An organization or business entity could ensure this is implemented by having sensors in the places that people visit, both staff and visitors.

In many smart buildings, the areas that are visited most include washrooms and corridors that connect different offices. It would be energy-saving to have sensors in these areas such that the lights go on when someone visits the areas and they turn off when someone exits.

  • Giving Comfort to The Occupants

Comfort is something that organizations and business entities should strive in ensuring that their staff and clients get at all times. Smart building lighting is not only useful for enhancing visibility but also giving comfort to a building’s occupants. This comfort emanates from the moderation of the lights such that they can be controlled depending on the weather or temperature at different times of the day or night.

Sometimes, buildings will seem cold and other times it’s too hot. Smart building lighting has the advantage of having the temperatures moderated in that they can be heightened and lessened as well. Smart building lighting also takes care of a building’s air quality and humidity.

How is Lighting the Backbone of Smart Buildings?

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Undoubtedly, everyone is aware of two types of lighting, i.e., wired and wireless. It is easy to lighten a building smartly with the help of such lights. The unique technology is available with sensors that can collect data and respond accordingly. If we talk about energy savings, one can save a lot of money by consuming less energy, i.e., up to 80%.

It is easy to connect with other systems available in the building, i.e., HVAC or alarms. With the help of data like temperature, motion, occupancy, etc., these lights can respond accordingly. All the property managers can make decisions after recollecting all the facts. Many new technologies can get involved with smart lighting, and you can use the combination in any property.

Install the wireless lights that are connected with Wi-Fi by using Bluetooth mesh technology. The devices can communicate with each other and respond accordingly. Every device is called a node in the Bluetooth mesh technology, which supports two-way communication. These devices can be any item like HVAC, alarm, fixture, telephone, etc.

It is possible to send and receive messages based on proximity. The router can be used as the central device for managing the communication between other devices. Undoubtedly, such technology can act as a backbone of smart buildings. Everything is connected and communicated with sensors. It is possible to monitor all the conditions of the building, like temperature.

After getting the data, the system can respond accordingly. If you want to modify some processes, then you can also do it. In this way, you can consume less energy than expected and hence, improve the performance of the devices on a large scale. It will be better if you can manage such things. You can also connect lighting with other technologies like PoE, i.e., Power over Ethernet.

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It is quite a cheaper option that requires a network cable, or it can also use the existing building cable. The capacity of power is limited, but you have to spend more money on fixtures. You can install and add more fixtures as per your needs. It helps in increasing the lifespan of the property network and it is better to use the modern lighting system in your smart property to get all the benefits.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong if we consider lighting as the backbone of our smart buildings. With the invention of new innovative technologies, many companies are working on the infrastructure of their real estate. They are installing what is best in the market to attract more customers and provide a better impression. Therefore, you can observe such technology in many properties in the upcoming years.

Every country wants to introduce such a type of lighting technology to provide better comfort and convenience to their customers. You must understand its importance and switch to the latest inventions. It is okay if you invest your money in innovative technology to add more comfort and convenience to you and your family.


Smart building lighting comes with great benefits to the occupants and owners of a smart building. Through the smart building lighting, energy and operational expenses are greatly saved as opposed to in a normal building.