How Can You Do Rubbish Removal In Sydney?

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We all are aware that each one of us at sometime produces waste. The most painful task is getting rid of this waste. On the onset of each day we start producing the waste that we put into the bin, which is ready for removal. The waste resides in the bin until the next date of rubbish removal. After that it is not only away from our sight but also away from the mind. This is applicable to waste products at all the places including our home, office and everywhere all around.

There are times when we can’t restrict ourselves to the bin, but need to hire the rubbish removal agency or Workman, so that they can take away the bulk of waste produced at our place.

Are you aware that the removal of all the waste also needs to follow rules?

The waste removal is one of the most difficult and painful tasks. So it also follows a rule, under which you can get rid of your waste. This task is known as the Duty of Care.

Let’s have a look at duty of care and how you can get rid of rubbish in Sydney.

What is the Waste Duty of Care?

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Under section 34, of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the rule of duty of care was imposed. The law states that everyone is responsible for their waste, and it’s everybody’s duty to keep the environment clean and healthy to protect each one of us.

This act worked in a process of chain, making each one of us responsible for the waste and it’s the duty of everyone to take care where it ends. Any one violating the law will be responsible for the punishment.

So, it is the responsibility of each one of us to get rid of rubbish.

Who Are You and What is Your Waste?

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Here we have a set of questions, just go through them and try to answer.

  • Is the garbage you want to get rid of something you made yourself?
  • Is the trash you wish to get rid of yours or a friend’s, and is it in your flat?
  • Is your garbage in your yard?

If your answer to each of them is yes, then you are a house holder, and you need to follow the steps of the householder to get rid of rubbish. In case you are unable to answer then you are a waste holder. The duty of the waste holder is to carry, keep, treat, import, produce,treat, or dispose of the waste. So you need to follow the duty of care law imposed, for the protection of the environment.

What is your Duty of Care?

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When it comes to householders, the duty of care is quite restricted. This is because in general the Sydney rubbish removal services are responsible for the removal of the waste. If you are giving away your rubbish to the services, then that’s it. You don’t have to do a lot to get rid of the rubbish.

But while hiring the company or the rubbish removal services, you need to work on a few things that will help you know if your waste is getting deposited properly or not.

You need to do a bit of research about the services, to know they are the legal Sydney rubbish removal services.

Let’s have a look at the things that you must inquire before you hire the rubbish removal company.

Things to inquire before hiring the Rubbish Removal Services

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  • We need to ask for the complete address of the company and phone number.
  • Check out the company’s waste carrier’s licence including its registration date and date of expiry. Because after the expiry of license they cannot be allowed to collect the trash.
  • Next thing is to know the place where the company is disposing of the waste.
  • You need the invoice of the waste transfer. This must contain the description about the type of waste, name of waste carrier services,their phone number and address.
  • Once you receive it , you need to sign it and preserve it for at least 2 years.

When it comes to the Sydney rubbish removal,it is essential to take proper care about the disposal of the waste . The improper disposal or handing over the waste to non certified companies can cause harm to the environment. It is essential to keep the environment clean and healthy so that health doesn’t land into danger.

There are various environmental acts proposed to keep the environment safe and also help humans to stay healthy. You can always hire the service providers to take away rubbish from your house. They also provide services in the removal of the commercial waste which is much more dangerous for our health.



If you want to stay healthy and also get rid of the complicated and most difficult task of rubbish removal,  you must hire the best and certified company. The company that will not only take away your junk but will also dispose of it at a safer place. Thus , giving us a healthy environment to breathe in.

Trash collection is essential for maintaining a clean environment and ensuring the safety of both people and animals. The collection of solid waste materials and recyclable items is critical to our communities’ cleanliness and long-term viability. We believe it is our job to help guarantee that communities are clean and sanitary, as well as to conserve resources.

Hope, this will help you understand your duty towards the waste management and protection of the environment. Hence, you can hire the best Sydney rubbish removal service and get your trash deposited at a safer place. This also helps you fulfill your duty towards the environment and nation.

One such rubbish removal company is Goodbye Junk, which has been serving the environment with a team of professionals.

Work to keep your Environment Clean by proper removal of junk.