7 Simple Online Bingo Strategies That Work Like Magic

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Luck-based games are some of the most popular forms of gambling on the planet. Not everyone is ready or skilled enough to play a game that requires strategizing, experience, and a certain degree of knowledge. This instantly eliminates the classics like poker, blackjack, or even roulette from contention. What is left is the games that are based entirely on the randomness of their nature and the luck and fortune of those playing.

Now, whenever a casino game is described like this, it is actually the slot machines that come to mind. Their simplicity is what makes them so popular and widespread, both online and in the traditional casinos. But there is another type of game that mostly deals with luck and that is bingo. Bingo is traditionally a very popular game that is played in many other scenarios outside of the mainstream gambling industry. There are numerous variations on the main formula, but the general approach is largely unchanged.

If you are wondering how you can win more in bingo, how to play it better, or what some of the simplest strategies that actually work are, you came to the right place. There is never a bad time to pick up this game a hobby. Who knows, maybe you make some money from it on a quality online casino. Speaking of casinos where you can play bingo and try out the following strategies, make sure to check out smartbingoguide.com for more information.

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  1. The Best Numbers

Many would argue that a number is a number and that there is a same amount of chance for any of them to be picked up during a game of bingo. And that is true, but only up to a certain point. You see, there are a select few numbers that are considered better than the rest in the game of bingo. This is tied to the letters that correspond with the numbers. For example, with B you have to look for the smallest numbers. Letter I for example has numbers from 19 and 29 as the best for it. Best for letter N are numbers below 40. For those larger than 49, letter G is the best. O is usually concerned with those from 60 to 70, and so on. Certain odds are better for certain numbers so this could be one of the simplest approaches to go with.

  1. Number 38

In online bingo scenarios, for some reason, number 38 has proven itself as one of the luckiest. The probability for this digit to be picked up in a web-based bingo game is higher, giving you more chances of winning. If you cannot come up with a combination, give 38 a shot and see what happens. Many have tried and it worked for them so why should do expect anything less? It is not really a strategy so much as it is trying out something that seems to be the norm in online bingo. But that is often enough to give you the win in the end.

  1. Slower Nights and Times

Bingo is a game of probability and numbers but not just in the way it works. If there are less players, your chances of winning are higher. This means that you should always aim for the slower days and nights when fewer people play. Also, aim to play early in the morning or later at night when there should be less people online anyway. Pick the weekdays and play at weird times, from 9 to 5 if you can while everyone is at work (including you?), and avoid weekends.

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  1. More Tickets Equal More Chances

In every round of bingo there is a finite amount of cards and therefore number combinations. This is true for the online variety as well as traditional bingo tickets. The more you buy, the more chances you have to win. This can be counterproductive because you will of course be spending more money for more tickets, but your chances at a significant win will also increase dramatically. If 60 players each have 10 combinations, that is 600 of them in the game. If you however get 20 instead of 10, you are at a clear advantage.

  1. Usual Patterns

There are many patterns you can try when filling out your digits in a game of bingo. Straight line patterns involve forming two or three lines in any direction. Picture frame pattern deals with marking numerals around the edges of the card, or a small box in the very middle. Broken frame patterns also exist, in which the player marks the far corners of the card with three numbers each. In a diamond pattern, digits that form an outline of a diamond are filled out where each corner touches the center of the top, bottom, right, and left side. Tilted squares and other diamond shapes are also possible.

  1. Superstitions and Crazy Patterns

Certain things people do when gambling make no sense and have to real value in reality. They will never actually change the outcome of the game but it is enough for the player to believe in something else other than their luck or the randomness of bingo. This is how crazy patterns in bingo came to be, like for example when you fill out the numbers to form a cross. Picking number 7 is quite common, but some people also pick 13 to trick the game by choosing the unlucky number! Champagne glass or Christmas tree patterns can also be made, or a bow tie. Creativity is the key here, but know that you will not really be increasing your chances, just the fun you are having.

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  1. Checkered Box

If you want controlled randomness in a game of online bingo, you might want to consider choosing the checkered box pattern. It is said to be the closest random way to win an online round of bingo out of all, simply because of the algorithms that choose the numbers. They have no rules to guide them, but they rarely pick two straight numbers. They skip forward and back, meaning there is a slight chance that a checkered box may work!