The Social Media Star On Rising – Ranboo


The rise of social media has given all types of people a voice. This is shown most evidently by the influx in the number of celebrities on Instagram and YouTube. One such example is Ranboo, a 16-year-old who started posting videos less than two months ago and has already been picked up by top models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

With 2 million followers on Instagram alone, it’s no wonder why many companies are investing with Ranboo for marketing their products. One of the most popular and rising social media stars on YouTube and Instagram, Ranboo, is gaining huge fame. Fans are going crazy after him and flooding the internet with questions like How Old is Ranboo, his birthday, height, and other intriguing details about him.

How Old is Ranboo?


As a Ranboo fan, you must also be wandering around with questions regarding his age and birth year. To answer your doubts, he is an 18-year-old, born on November 2, 2003. He’s famous for his excellent postings of daily life events on Instagram and for showing his high creativity level through his YouTube videos. It is a miracle to see how much he has achieved at such a young age. Ranboo has created a huge fan base on YouTube with his incredible Minecraft gaming skills.

Starting Career of Ranboo

Initially, this 18-year-old kid started his career on TikTok and gained many fans following. However, his true career came out with YouTube when he started streaming his Minecraft game-play. What started as a hobby and zeal to show creativity has rewarded Ranboo with his multi-million fan following across different social media platforms, including YouTube. Now, this London-based vlogger, gamer, content creator, and social media influencer has a successful gaming server running under Dream SMP.

Ranboo’s Net Worth


He started his career on TikTok with a moderate income. But he aspired to be much more than those average content creators and started his YouTube channel for streaming Minecraft gaming. When things started going well for him, he decided to launch his gaming server (Dream SMP) in late November 2020 with his friends TommyInnit and Tubbo. However, his net worth has been rising rapidly and is currently around $6 million since then. This 16-year-old kid is ranked among one of the highest-earning YouTubers and is slowly climbing up higher in the ranks.

Height & Body Measurement of Ranboo

The current height of Ranboo is around 6 feet 6 inches tall (198 cm). However, he is active on his social media accounts and has volunteered at many charity events. He has kept his height private, but we are not sure whether he’s flat-chested or has a big chest as per today’s body standards. Ranboo’s shoe Size is 10 US (42), and their body weight is 55 kg (120 lbs).

Ranboo Family – Parents & Siblings


Ranboo hails from a small family of three brothers and one sister. He has a younger brother named Max, aged 12, and an older brother named Jackson, aged 17. His sister Anna is still in school, while his other brother has already graduated from college and works as an engineer (Ranboo started his YouTube channel just before his 16th birthday).

Zodiac Sign Ranboo

As per reports, he is Scorpio; that is why he is passionate, determined, and resourceful. Generally, Scorpios are great detectives and make for great bed partners. His Scorpio sign can account for his incredible success and fame, which led him to bag tremendous fame at such a young age. If you ever wondered about zodiac signs or How Old is Ranboo, then the answers to these questions is Zodiac & 18 years old, respectively.

How Many Followers does Ranboo Have?


His fans are all over the internet, with millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube. Ranboo is also a personal friend of many celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, etc. Currently, Ranboo has over 3.69 million followers on YouTube, and the number is growing day by day. As of Instagram, he has around two million followers and 50+ posts.

Why is Ranboo Getting Famous?

He has been famous since his childhood for his modeling and acting skills. Though he never pursued a career in acting, he got cast in many stage shows. After becoming a teenager and completing high school, Ranboo started posting on YouTube and slowly gained fame. Here take a look at some common reasons to understand what led to its huge fan following of Ranboo:

• He is passionate about his profession; hence he gives all his energy. He is always more than happy to make videos and comment on any video people upload.

• Ranboo is humble, friendly, and a great friend who never forgets the small things, such as helping others in need.

• His videos are very creative and a great example of the power of content marketing by sharing daily life events like him taking his dog for walks around London. His YouTube channel is one of the most creative channels on YouTube.

• He is awesome at Minecraft, making him a huge hit with all the Minecraft enthusiasts. Also, he’s a rising star and started posting his videos less than two months ago (his videos are already getting millions of views). You can Click Here to find more details about the personal and professional life of Ranboo.

• As we have seen so far, Ranboo is becoming more popular day by day thanks to his creativity and commitment to his profession. Ranboo is always appreciative of all his fan following and never seems to dislike anyone, no matter how many comments he/she makes against him. He uses those comments as an opportunity to learn something new.

Final Words

Ranboo has achieved an incredible level of fame at such a young age, and we are glad to see him making good use of it. He has created a huge fan base on social media platforms, and YouTube does have great potential for rewarding this kid with huge money. With his Scorpio zodiac sign, he will continue to achieve greatness in the future.