How to Grow Your Following Base on Social Media? – Guide 2024


Earlier, people used to think of social media platforms as just sites for getting engaged. However, nowadays, they have become powerful marketing or advertising tools for many businesses. The companies constantly think of different strategies that they can use to increase their followers on social media accounts. If you are among them, then check out some helpful tips below:

1. Establishing your brand


Your brand is one of the main things you lay out when you start your business. All things considered, your social media pages should be designed in such a way that it reflects all about your brand. This helps people in easily recognizing your company. Your posts must be related to a specific niche only.

Ensure you incorporate your organization logo as your profile page picture and utilize your branding tones to feature your profiles where it seems OK. It likewise doesn’t hurt to post your brand’s mission statement at a place where your devotees can undoubtedly understand it. You can also visit to get professional help establishing your brand on social media platforms.

2. Do not follow every other brand

Interacting with your crowd via web-based media is an extraordinary beginning. In any case, to expand your followers, then, at that point, follow significant brands in your industry. But make sure that you do not follow your competitors. The objective is to observe different brands with similar crowds you can engage with freely. Take part in conversation with the audience in the comment sections of their posts.

3. Try sharing more videos


Video is the most captivating type of content on each social media stage. So if you can create even simple videos, it will be a very smart move to increase your engagement. Ensure to upload your recordings straightforwardly on the account of your choice, instead of presenting a link on an external website such as YouTube. Along these lines, your video will autoplay as individuals land on it while looking at their feeds, thereby getting more attention.

4. Pay attention to your customer service

Numerous clients having problems with a company generally visit their social media accounts to get help as opposed to hanging tight for a reaction to an email or settling on a phone call. So, you need to pay attention to handling the issues of your audience. These are individuals who can become your permanent clients after realizing that you are the best in providing customer service to them.

By using these platforms to provide customer service, more clients will go to your social media pages, and if they get proper assistance from you, they won’t mind following you.

5. Create a schedule and stick to it:


A critical part to any successful social media account is to make a timetable that is not difficult to follow. These timetables will assist you with outlining your updates and posts for the week or month, making a steady posting schedule that dodges long periods of inactivity. Using a calendar can be valuable for you to remain focused, and will make sure that you do not miss to post the content consistently.

6. Encourage using hashtags

One more splendid method for developing your following base is to utilize relevant hashtags whenever the situation allows. Hashtags help in making your content more easy to discover. Individuals will quite often engage with your profile when they track you down. Assuming they like your content, they take speedy actions to follow your account immediately.

You can likewise  search for trending and well-known hashtags and decisively use them in your posts. To make them relevant you can initially figure out which hashtag is currently in trends and afterward make content around those hashtags. That way you realize that people are looking for those hashtags and your post will popup in their searched outcomes.

7. Create engaging content


To get more supporters, your social media pages need content that catches their eye and makes them want to see more of your posts. Pay attention to providing them content that is fun, fascinating, uplifting, or anything that fits nicely with your brand. Always ensure that there are no gaps between your posts. Your page should look professional. You can use the curated posts to fill in the gaps.

8. Collaboration with different brands

Another great way to increase your followers is to collaborate with different brands. You could, for instance, organize a giveaway for your combined followers and offer services or products from both the companies as the reward. You can ask people to follow both the brands if they wish to win the giveaway contest. This will permit you to take advantage of the other brands’ crowd in an organic and exciting manner.

9. Reshare valuable content


Try not to be selfish by only sharing the content created by you. If you haven’t as of now, begin subscribing into industry publications so you can get significant content sent directly to your inbox. Assuming something truly impacts you or your crowd and is valuable, then share it out on your social channels.

While doing this, it’s essential to tag the creator of the content and the publication source. This will ping them and let them know that they have a supporter out there that appreciates what they’re putting out. It could likewise prompt reciprocated promotion, which can bring more followers to your brand.

10. Do not focus on trolls

Here is another best advice that will help you in focusing at your work is to ignore the trolls. However, sometimes a customer must be tackling some genuine issue and you need to solve it immediately. Trolls are just made to put your image down or make you feel low. You can’t make them blissful and that is their whole point in trolling you.


It can be challenging for a company to build their brand during their initial years. Social media platforms provide businesses a creative opportunity to create brand awareness among audiences. If you are struggling with increasing your followers on your accounts on these platforms, then you should consider trying the above mentioned tips.