Top 8 Songs Poker Players Like to Listen – 2024 Review

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Just like sports and other related activities, music has an important role to play in how poker players get in the right tune ahead of their games. There are quite a several songs that can surely get players in the right frame of mind and aid them in attaining some commendable results, such as when playing in a massive tournament like the World Series of Poker. This article seeks to list out the top 8 songs that poker players prefer to listen to ahead of a game.

Kenny Rodgers’ ‘The Gambler’

This is a classic tune for gamblers, and it has a famous chorus in which the singer says you have to know when to hold your cards and also know where to fold them also. This is more or less an anthem for a lot of poker players, as it evokes an old school feeling for the experienced players.

For the new players, it creates an awareness of the legacies and heritage left for them by the former generation players of Poker. This song is seen as a part of the old, long-standing legacy of Poker and the casinos. With its reference to the 19th-century poker games, it brings to remembrance one of the smoothest seasons in the history of Poker.

American Authors’ ‘Best Day of My Life’

This song by American Authors is one of those songs that was released in 2013, which generally served as a fantastic mood-setter for poker players. This is the kind of song that would bring good positivity to your mind even while preparing for your game.

Motorhead’s The Ace of Spades

Motorhead tries to bring you into the zone with this anthem either while playing Poker or even during the preparatory period. Lemmy Kilmister himself, who was the lead singer of the song, was an avid lover of gambling. He was gifted with his slot machine, and it is thus not so surprising to see that most of Motorhead’s songs pay tribute to the casino lifestyle, just like the ‘Ace of Spades’ does. This metal song is all about invoking pleasure from playing the game of Poker, and it is one that a lot of players like to listen to.

Rage Against the Machine’s Know Your Enemy

This song tries to prepare you for a very tough battle, one against the machine. Unsurprisingly, this song would help increase your enthusiasm and aggression while playing Poker. Whether it’s being played from your headset or it’s being blasted through the speakers, your confidence would feel a surge when preparing to play your poker game. Playing this song in a cool casino like further puts you in the best frame of mind.

Alice Cooper’s Poison

With a quick tempo and heavy bass line, this is one of the many songs that poker players can plug in to get confidence and a winning mentality before their games or even during those games. Although it was a single from Alice’s eighteenth album, this song was still one of the biggest hits in the US and UK at the time.

Queen’s We Will Rock You

Different sports events have made use of this rock anthem to get the crew and players excited ahead of a big game. Although it is not about gambling, essentially, it still has lyrics and chords that are sure to put you in a good mood ahead of a poker game.

ACDC’s Back in Black

This song is quite ideal for players who are struggling to influence a game, or for those who are trying to stage a comeback. In case you’ve not played Poker in a while, this is one of the songs you need to listen to before getting back to that stage.

Fran Marin feat Nalaya’s Waterfall

Seeing that we’ve extensively talked about Euro-dance/pop, it would be ideal to conclude the way I started! This particular song is one of the surprisingly unsuccessful songs that should have performed much better and garnered a much better hype, which is just like Kelly Rowland’s and David Guetta’s ‘Commander‘.

It offers a well-rounded and robust track, and with Nalaya’s voice coming out healthy and melodious, thoroughly secure, which is quite a feat in itself! The track features synth and heavy bass; although, if you listen well to the song, you would hear the tinkle of the ivories from one point to another.

Since the track is Euro-pop, it is quite fast. It has been clocked to be about 120bpm. Furthermore, you would also observe just like some of the other songs on this list that this one is also in the Minor Major, which makes it easier for a lot of listeners to get more in tune and flow with it.

Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing

Here is another classic hit to listen to- one of the best poker songs of all time. It would keep you on track even when you start to derail. A lot of poker players have it on their playlists as it is indeed a mood-changer.


You would realize that a lot of times, you find so many poker players at different land-based Poker tables using their headphones, and they tend to listen to different music tracks while still playing their real money games. This is not in any way affected even while taking part in Poker Tournaments.

Although you may feel that listening to music could be at the detriment of a player, or feel like they should be mainly focused on concentrating their efforts on playing each of the hands that have been dealt out to them, a lot of players tend to find it helpful.

This is because they would see significant improvements with their gameplay and therefore prefer to play and listen to all of their most-loved music tracks while still playing and enjoying Poker. On a final note, I would leave you with this bonus track that is quite popular on poker streets as well.