World Series Of Poker Final: British University drop-out wins $1.5m at Tournament

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The World Series of Poker is the most important land-based poker tournament in the world. Each year, it makes new millionaires and every now and then the big winners are people with unusual backgrounds and little experience in the highly competitive world of poker. The WSOP has returned to Las Vegas in 2019, with an eclectic mix of experienced and casual players at the tables. There were plenty of big winners at the end of the tournament, but Nick Marchington stood out from the crowd. The 21-year-old from Essex dropped out from the university to focus on poker and won a prize worth $1.5 million in the grand final.

Nick makes an honorable final table run

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The university drop-out from Essex has finished in seventh place at the world’s most prestigious poker tournaments to win a seven-digit amount. He had the chance to become the youngest person to win the tournament, but at the end of the day, he had to settle for a prize worth $1.5 million. Nick was hoping to win the tournament and the big prize worth $10 million, but he was surely happy with the payout. At the final table, there were only nine players, after the field of more than 8500 participants was reduced by 99%. The competition was incredibly tough, but Mr. Marchington was well rewarded for his resilience.

Nick decided to give up his computer science degree at the University of Hertfordshire, for a chance to become a full-time poker player. It goes without saying that this decision didn’t sit well with many of his friends and relatives, but at the end of the day, it paid out quite lavishly. The young player said that this was a fun ride and that the time spent in Las Vegas was the most exciting week of his life. He had high expectations at the beginning of the tournament but didn’t expect to actually reach the final table.

The WSOP sets new milestones every year

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The World Series of Poker is the first tournament that comes to mind when people think about big events held in land-based casinos. You can qualify by playing online with sites like Success stories such as the one of Nick Marchington provide other players with the impetus to persevere and double their efforts. While he finished in seventh place to win a bit over $1.5 million, 6 other players were left in the race. Nick started the final table with the shortest stack, so for him, it was an achievement that he was able to outshine two more players before being eliminated.

The legal age for gambling in the United States is 21, so Nick was fortunate to turn 21 in December. He started playing a few years ago and was able to build a healthy bankroll by playing online in tournaments. As soon as he was legally allowed to play poker in the United States and he got the money for the WSOP, he began planning for the main event. It proved to be an inspired decision as he just became a millionaire.