SSD VPS Windows, Everything That You Have To Understand About It In 2024

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SSD Windows VPS is a virtual private server that utilizes SSD storage to deliver users’ best performance. For Windows OS server users, there is a specific SSD known as RAID 10, which is specifically build to be implemented on Windows server operating systems. Using this SSD storage, you can perform several applications on your Windows hosting like MySQL, Forex applications for MetaTrader, and so on efficiently.

This article will talk about anything about VPS hosting, from why you should opt for this service, which Windows hosting plans you should choose, and the advantages of using SSD VPS. Hence, if you are a beginner or intend to move from your current hosting plan into Windows hosting plan, we are here to embrace you!

What are the Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting?

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There are various advantages you can have when you utilize Windows VPS. Besides, in recent years VPS as a hosting plan is famous among hosting service customers. As you may probably know, VPS is a virtualization technology from a single actual server that is divided into several partitions. Each of these virtual servers can run their own operating systems like Linux or Windows. Besides, a virtual server isolates itself from other virtual servers that work on a single physical server.

Most people prefer to opt for Windows hosting due to its similarity in desktop appearance like the regular Windows operating system. In addition, Windows server OS has a feature known as Graphical User Interface (GUI) that makes it much simpler to operate. Another reason for using a Windows server is at some point in time. You can quickly implement resource upgrades in the future at

In brief, the Windows server’s advantage starts from its price; it is quite affordable, although the hosting plan is included with the license cost. You can still have it at a reasonable price with an extensive amount of server resources. Most people also say that using Windows hosting provides them outstanding performance. Since the virtual server is separated from the other virtual servers, you can utilize the whole resources for yourself. You can run many applications without worrying about slowing down your work.

Which Windows VPS Should I Choose?

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Choosing the correct Windows VPS plan is not that simple as you might think. There are several considerations that should have been included in your decision-making process. For starters, before you start comparing the hosting offers from several hosting service providers out there. You should understand what you need first, after you know what you want. It will be easier for you to look for a hosting plan that suits your needs. Below are some of the tips that we can provide to assist you in picking the Windows VPS:

  • Look for its Pricing

You get what you have paid for is actually meant when it comes to choosing the right VPS hosting plan. You may find some hosting providers offer the same Windows hosting plan but with different prices. This happens because of the difference in the resources that are offered. In fact, if you see that the resources are also similar but have a different price. You should look at the extra features you get, such as maintenance and customer support. Identifying these elements can help you in choosing the best hosting plan that matches your needs.

  • Opt for Managed VPS

The majority of hosting providers will offer you Windows hosting in both managed and unmanaged servers. Among these two, it is very recommended to go for the managed ones, so you do not have to be bothered with the technical tasks in terms of server management. The perk that you gain in choosing the managed server is you can focus on your business operation. As for updates or maintenance, you can leave it to the hosting providers to handle it for you.

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Of course, you can also choose for the unmanaged server. However, it comes with several requirements. For instance, you should have the knowledge and skills needed for server management because one incorrect can make the whole system crash. So you should have to know what you are doing. If you are not, you will need the time to learn about server management from scratch, which takes time and can only be done correctly after you experience some mistakes. The problem is who is going to manage your business while you are busy learning about it.

  • Customer Care Availability

Managed or unmanaged hosting plan, you probably still have to deal with unexpected issues using the VPS server. In this case, you have to pick the hosting provider that can provide 24/7 customer support. Assuming that you are a business owner with a growing website, a couple of minutes of server downtime can increase your website’s bounce rate. This is vital in terms of digital marketing; losing the visitors means that you are losing your potential customer and helping your competitors. This is why full-time customer care should be your consideration in picking the hosting provider.

Benefits of a SSD VPS

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This is the main star of this article as to why you should utilize the SSD VPS. There are various benefits that you can achieve when implementing this technology. First is efficiency. SSD generates the best performance due to its speed process. In terms of its cost, SSD is a couple of dollars away from HDD but can deliver you the smoothness that can ease you in running applications and websites, so it is worth it for you.

If you applied for the SSD VPS package, you would get root access, which means that you get total control over your server in terms of customization or software installment. Next is endurance in terms of protection from physical damage. SSD has no dynamic parts, unlike HDD, which is quite fragile when encountering physical damage. So SSD has the upper hand in terms of sustainability. Besides, since SSD can operate any process faster than HDD, SSD draws less power, so it is power saving for you and efficient if you can run some applications faster in your workspace.