Buy Stylish Sunglasses Online on a Budget – 2024 Guide

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Summer is fast approaching, and everyone is making preparations to venture out and enjoy the natural splendor of the outdoors. Sunglasses are an essential accessory to every attire, an investment in your style whether you’re dressed for a busy day at work or a weekend of leisure and happiness. There are plenty of glasses available online, which are of high-quality, stellar looking shades that are stylish, comfortable to wear, and provide an excellent level of sun protection.

So if you want to upgrade your old ones or would like a few pairs to mix and match with different outfits then change your view with amazing glasses available at hot selling stores such as Zenni Optical,, Warby Parker etc. Explore a wide selection of high-end eyeglasses, sunglasses, and accessories for men, women, and kids online, having tons of options available at very affordable prices to wear in everyday life.

Though the list is endless in terms of the styles and affordability that the store offers, here we have scouted some of the top Sunglasses which are available at amazing prices. They will continue to delight you and transform your mood and complete your daring new look.

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Customize with various options under budget according to the lens type

One should focus on the lens material before buying sunglasses, choose the lens on four parameters: appearance, vision clarity, safety and comfort.

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Impact resistant lenses

No lens is truly unbreakable but when plastic lenses are compared with glass lenses, then it is obviously considered to be more durable and impact resistant. Most non prescription sunglass lenses are plastic only. They are considered to be tough but scratch easily.

Photochromic Lenses

These lenses change tint depending on the weather and surroundings and act as a two–in one glasses cum sunglasses as it is evident indoors and darken automatically in sunlight, for convenience. Types of photochromic lenses Photochromic lenses, Blokz photochromic blue blocker lenses, Transitions, and Vision Ease LifeRx photochromic lenses.

Polarized Lenses

These sunglasses are an excellent choice for driving and outdoor activities as they fight glare, boost contrast, and improve clarity. The polarized lenses can be customized with mirror finishes available in gray or brown tint.

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Blokz Sunglasses @$21.90 Onwards

The tinted blue blocker lenses comfortably shield the eyes from the sun’s rays while protecting them against harmful UV & blue light.

Clip Ons @$3.95

Customize any pair of glasses into instant sunglasses with these magnetic snap-on sunshades available in several tints and also offering clip-on sets. Each set features a pair of stylish glasses with a separate sunshade that attaches seamlessly for instant sunglasses. Made with durable and flexible plastic Ultem, each frame and matching sunshade offers lightweight comfort.

Some of the Popular Trendy Styles available online

Sunglasses, you can’t resist this season. To give a trendy look, think Cat Eye, aviators and oversized round styles with Tortoiseshell or Leopard print frames. Here’s a quick rundown of the stylish ones in a budget, making it easier for you before making the right choice. From totally trendy to classically cool, explore all the essential and well-known types and styles that make great sunglasses.

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Great summer essential for all the fashionistas out there, and if you look at these cat-eye sunglasses, you’ll probably think of the ravishing Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Windsor and Elizabeth Taylor who swore by them. These cat-eye glasses offer incredible comfort and style, and is a perfect buy if you’re going for the retro look, and is one of the most popular feminine styles.


Aviators are perhaps the most popular and well-known sunglasses style, and everyone from Paul McCartney to Tom Cruise seemed to be a great fan of them, but now with the changing trends, there are changes in the designs and shades of Aviators.

The new generation has brought about a change in the color options like tortoise green, black grey, gunmetal natural green, copper brown gradient gunmetal blue gradient, gunmetal grey, and many more. This vivid range of colors of the sunglasses make them suitable to go with every outfit.

Premium Aviator sunglasses with Classic teardrop lenses and a two-tone front rim are super stylish and are available at online stores at a range starting from $35.95

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Browline Glasses

As the name signifies, this style is characterized by a thick upper frame across the brow. Again a great style if you want to go in for the retro look. Using advanced edging technology and high-quality materials, Zenni has a collection of these premium sunglasses having a luxurious feel with subtly curved lenses. Adjustable nose pads provide a comfortable fit. Available in the price range from $ 35.95 – $45.95.

Square/Rectangle Glasses

This style is pretty self-explanatory and works well on round faces. Simple, elegant, and worth a try if you don’t want to get into something too fancy. Price Range starts @$29.95


With the right pair of sports sunglasses for the adventure seekers, you can focus on your activity better as these sunglasses are made to fight the glare and enhance your visibility as there are many options available online and in-stores with special polarized lenses so you will also look cooler.

Buying sunglasses that protect your eyes do not have to be dull or boring; this list is proof enough. Many people want trendy, stylish glasses, but for the rest of us, inexpensive glasses work well to solve our vision problems.