Top 10 Swimming Pool Accessories 2024

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Every swimming pool needs accessories to compliment it and make it more enjoyable. The world of swimming pool accessories is growing bigger by the year, with new and clever gimmicks being invented just to make things more fun while relaxing.

So, seeing that spring is just around the corner, and summer isn’t long due as well, we’ve decided to make a list of the best swimming pool accessories.

Without wasting too much time on it, let’s begin.

1. Floating Wireless Speaker

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Can you even imagine a pool party where music and good vibes are non-existent? No, us neither. So that’s why getting a floating wireless speaker could be the best piece of investment you can make that will cement you as the king in your group of people.

What better way to make things more interesting and fun than to get a completely waterproof speaker just to bring the music closer to the people.

2. Escape Ramp

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Look, some accessories are designed to keep things off your pool. One such accessory is an escape ramp that you place in your pool specifically to help frogs escape when they fall in.

No one wants to see our little amphibious friends floating around, so an escape ramp lets them climb and hop over your pool, safely away from danger.

But, if you thought this ramp specifically serves the purpose of helping frogs then you’re completely wrong. Lots of animals, bigger ones, can fall inside your pool. An example includes squirrels, birds, snakes, bees, mice, etc.

As a matter of fact, these animals and insects have it better off, since they are not meant to be in the water for longer periods. So, an escape ramp helps every critter that falls inside your pool and eliminates the need to clean after.

3. Hangers

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One accessory that helps with managing other accessories is a hanger. Hangers are designed to be placed so that you could hang your telescoping pole, vacuum hose, and any other accessory needed for maintaining your swimming pool.

It is advised to keep any tool, item, or accessory off the ground, so these hangers are used specifically for that. Not only are they designed for heavy-duty equipment, but they also keep everything dry and safe.

4. Towel Warmer

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A towel warmer is a gadget that does exactly what the name suggests. You might remember using a tower warmer at the local spa or when bathing, but it can really be used for anything you need.

Fancy a bit of swimming? Then plug this baby close by, place a few towels inside, and always have a nice one waiting for you when coming out.

5. Waterfall Fountain

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We need to maintain our pools by circulating the water frequently.

The device tasked with this important job is the pump. However, a fun alternative to a pump is a waterfall fountain that sprinkles fresh and cool water. Not only is this accessory convenient, but it also does a better job of moving and circulating the water.

To top things off, it provides plenty of fun for the younglings by sprinkling them while splashing in the pool.

There are many types of fountains, waterfalls, and various gimmicks that make the pool more aesthetically pleasing. If you’re interested in such accessories, then you can learn more here.

6. Footbath

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There is nothing more frustrating than having to clean the pool from various leaves and grass, only for someone to go over the grass and inside the pool along with everything they step on.

A frustrating problem indeed, but one that can be easily solved using a footbath.

A footbath is a very convenient tool that is used for rinsing feet before going into the pool. It’s made out of plastic, costs nothing, and is very effective at its job.

All you have to do to use this accessory is simply step in and rinse.

7. Drink Holders

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Name a more inconvenient problem than having to hold your cup while enjoying your swim. Well, that problem is no more if you so choose drink holders.

Drink holders are exactly what they sound. These items are essentially made from rubber to effectively float alongside. They have a little hole inside where you place the cup, and it keeps it nice and dry.

These usually come in packs on three, five, or you can even buy separately.

8. Storage Bin

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Yet another frustrating problem is having to keep everything in place after the party is over. Since pools have a lot of accessories, there should be a place where you’ll keep and store them.

Well, for the purpose of it, look no further than a storage bin. When buying one, look for it to be made out of material that is water-resistant, quality, and sturdy enough so that you don’t have to buy another one.

9. Inflatable Lounge

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Probably the thing you need in your life, an inflatable lounge is a piece of rubbery paradise that fits an entire person in. This item has a backrest that lets you relax all day long. Also, it protects you from the sun through the built-in shade which can be attached or detached.

Of course, this would be the ideal inflatable lounge, so you’ll have to do your research before buying.

10. Floating Cooler/Table

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A floating cooler/table eliminates the need of having to get out of the pool, drip water everywhere, only to grab a can of soda.

This item is designed to float, meaning it is water-resistant. Furthermore, it can act as either a cooler or a table, or both. If you manage to find one, then you’re in for a treat as this bad boy is the item you need to impress everyone at your part.

Are people going low on drinks? Well, no need to worry as these can come with a lot of storage space; some even hold as much as 60 cans. Fill it up with cans beforehand and throw it in the pool. Luckily for you, this accessory is becoming very popular and can be found in lots of pool accessory shops.