Maximizing Your Personal Injury Claim: The Why, How, and What of Switching Lawyers in Calgary


Starting legal action after getting injured can be overwhelming, especially when trying to find the perfect lawyer to handle your case. Let’s face it. A lot is at stake here – you want to ensure you’re getting the compensation you deserve for someone else’s mistake.

What happens when you’re unsatisfied with the lawyer you initially picked? Don’t fret! Like any other service provider, you have the right to switch lawyers during legal proceedings. It’s your case and future, so you should be able to choose who represents you.

In this blog, we’ve covered you with a step-by-step guide on changing your personal injury lawyer in Calgary. We know it’s a challenging decision, but we’re here to help you make the right one.

Why Do Clients Switch Lawyers in a Personal Injury Case


Numerous factors can lead clients to switch lawyers in personal injury cases, with many individuals sensing that their legal representation could be more satisfactory. Some of the reasons for switching lawyers can be one of the following:

  • Failure to receive prompt responses to calls or emails from your lawyer
  • The perception that your case is not making progress
  • Disagreement with your lawyer over the direction of your case
  • A lack of coherence in the lawyer’s strategy
  • Absence of a strategy by the lawyer
  • Inability to comprehend the legal process due to a lack of explanation by the lawyer
  • Pressure from the lawyer to accept a settlement offer that you disagree with
  • Distrust of the lawyer
  • The intuition that the lawyer is not fulfilling their responsibilities effectively
  • Death or disbarment of the attorney.

How to Change Properly Switch Personal Injury Lawyers

Even though personal injury lawsuits might be complicated, changing personal injury attorneys is a rather simple procedure. Five simple actions are as follows to change personal injury attorneys:

Step 1: Conduct Research on Other Personal Injury Lawyers

The first step in changing your personal injury lawyer is to research other lawyers. Browse law firm websites and search for lawyers with expertise in handling personal injury claims like yours. Reading Google reviews can also help you evaluate the lawyer’s abilities, success rate, and overall client satisfaction.

Step 2: Look for a Suitable Lawyer for Your Needs

Once you have identified potential lawyers, the next step is to look for a suitable lawyer to take over your case. This will ensure the timely dismissal of your case due to missed deadlines that may arise while searching for a new legal representative.

Step 3: Sign a Retainer Agreement with Your New Lawyer

Once you have found a new lawyer, the next step is to sign a retainer agreement. This is a straightforward document that grants the attorney the legal power to represent you. Make sure to review the agreement carefully and ask any questions before signing.

Step 4: Draft a “Consent to Change Attorney” Form

Your new attorney will draft a “Consent to Change Attorney” form, which informs the court, your current lawyer, and other relevant parties that you have changed legal representation. This document is important to ensure a smooth transition from your previous lawyer to your new one.

Step 5: Draft a “Stop Work” Letter for Your Previous Lawyer

Finally, your new lawyer will draft a “stop work” letter to be sent to your previous lawyer, directing them to cease working on your case and transfer the file to your new legal representative. This is an important step to ensure that your new lawyer has all the necessary information to represent you effectively.

Switching personal injury lawyers in Calgary is a fairly simple process that can be accomplished in five easy steps. First, make sure to find a suitable lawyer, sign a retainer agreement, draft a “Consent to Change Attorney” form, and have your new lawyer send a “stop work” letter to your previous lawyer.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth transition to a new legal representative who can better meet your needs and expectations.

What Are the Reasons You Can’t Switch Lawyers?


There are several reasons why a person may feel like they need help to switch lawyers. However, there are  three most common reasons, and they are the following:

Contractual Obligations

One of the primary reasons why a person may feel like they cannot switch lawyers is because they have a contractual obligation with their current lawyer. Most lawyers will require clients to sign a retainer agreement that outlines the scope of work, fees, and other important details.

This agreement may also specify that the client cannot terminate the relationship with the lawyer before a certain amount of time has elapsed or certain milestones have been achieved. Breaking this agreement could result in legal consequences or financial penalties, making it difficult for a person to switch lawyers.

Financial Concerns

Another reason a person may feel like they cannot switch lawyers is financial concerns. Switching lawyers mid-case can be expensive, as the new lawyer will need to get up to speed on the case, review documents, and prepare for trial or other proceedings. The new lawyer may also charge higher fees than the previous lawyer, which can add to the financial burden. If a person is already struggling to pay legal fees, there may be other options than switching lawyers.

Personal Relationship

Finally, a person may feel like they cannot switch lawyers because of personal relationships with their current lawyer. It is not uncommon for clients to develop close relationships with their lawyers, especially if the case has been ongoing for a long period. Therefore, switching lawyers may feel like a betrayal or may be emotionally difficult for the client, especially if they feel like they are abandoning a lawyer who has been fighting for them.

Sometimes, clients may feel like their current lawyer is the only person who truly understands their case or can achieve a favourable outcome.

Switching lawyers can be difficult for many reasons, including contractual obligations, financial concerns, and personal relationships. Therefore, it is important for clients to carefully consider their options before making a decision and to seek advice from trusted advisors, such as other lawyers or family members. Ultimately, the decision to switch lawyers should be based on what is ideal for the client and their case.

Benefits of Changing Personal Injury Lawyers


Engaging in a civil case can be an anxiety-inducing experience, even if you have a competent personal injury lawyer. Regardless of the outcome of your case, if you feel unhappy with your legal representation, the entire process can become unpleasant.

As such, switching to a different personal injury lawyer can yield practical and emotional benefits. These benefits can include the following:

  • First, switching attorneys can reduce stress related to your case.
  • Working with a new attorney can provide a fresh perspective on your losses.
  • Finally, a new attorney may be able to find solutions to obstacles that previously prevented you from obtaining compensation.
  • Switching attorneys can also help protect you against intimidation or retaliation from the other party involved in the case.


Changing personal injury lawyers in Calgary is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. It is important to understand that you have the right to switch lawyers if you are not satisfied with their services or if they need to meet your expectations.

Ultimately, changing personal injury lawyers aims to ensure that you have the right representation possible and achieve a fair settlement or judgment. By following the appropriate steps and working with a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer, you can protect your legal rights and interests.