Tactical Watch Replacing Apple’s Smartwatch Under Christmas Trees in 2019

Black Tactical Smartwatch, T1 Tact Watch, vs various Pricey Apple Watches

Halloween has drawn to a close, meaning that it’s time to start making preparations for this winter’s holiday seasons. However, while you may be thinking that means Thanksgiving plans, you have another thing coming. Most experts agree that the sooner one starts their Christmas shopping, the cheaper and less worrisome it all ends up being. After all, it’s just common sense – should you start shopping for two months in advance, or two weeks?

If whoever you’re shopping for is a fitness buff, interested in tech wear, or are into the latest styles, then you might want to consider getting them a smartwatch. However, smartwatches can vary in brand, style, and price. This holiday season, one could consider looking beyond leading brand names and investing in the T1 Tact Watch.

New Tactical Watch Beats the Brand Name in Price

Img source: spotthetrends.com

While Apple may rule the airwaves, word on the street is all about the T1, a new tactical smartwatch with all the features at a tenth the price. This new sleek wristwear is the latest in alternative technology, featuring an impressive array of features for cheap. While Apple’s Series 5 smartwatch is priced at a staggering $399 the T1 is significantly cheaper.

At only $79, you might be concerned that you’ll be missing out on features, but that isn’t the case. The tactical watch offers nearly every feature available with Apple’s latest product, and is significantly sturdier and more durable, too.

You can watch videos online of the T1 being subjected to a series of physical tests. The watch survives deadly hammer strikes and fiery flames without suffering a scratch. While you wouldn’t want to take the Series 5 into lukewarm bathwater, the T1 Tact Watch is a reliable piece of hardware you can take with you anywhere. It’s the ideal pick if you’re interested in any extreme sports, and you want a watch that can hold its own.

Fitness Features With the T1

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This tactical piece of wristwear comes fully equipped with a packed arsenal of useful abilities. Fitness models of Instagram should note that this piece of tech is one of the fastest-growing online. These include the standard step counter and distance tracker, for those with goal-tracking in mind.

The watch also allows you to calculate calories burned, while additionally monitoring sleep health. If you’re constantly burning yourself out and want to fix your sleep debt, the T1 can help with that. The watch’s strength and toughness also make it the perfect companion for rougher sports. If your thing is contact sports, then you can be sure the T1 will come in handy. Its water resistance and overall solid structure will put your mind at ease.

The Best Alternative Smartwatch

If you want a reliable smartwatch without having to pay premium prices, invest in the T1 Tact Watch. If it wasn’t the smartwatch everyone is saying it is, it wouldn’t have accrued the vast amount of fanfare and acclaim that it has. Through entirely grassroots efforts, social media users all over the Internet have hyped this watch up, so it’s time that you checked it out as well.