Clever Tips to Take Astounding Photos with Your Smartphone

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Smartphone owners typically use their phones to take pictures and create videos. It is with good reason because even entry-level phones today boast cameras capable of taking high-resolution videos. However, many people might not know that almost all smartphone manufacturers focus on providing their phones with excellent cameras because it is one feature that can make their products different from other brands. Plus, with better cameras, they can sell more.

If you look at some of the high-end smartphones available today, you’ll find some familiar and impressive brands of camera manufacturers, such as Leica, Zeiss, and Hasselblad. But of course, the phone camera will matter more if you know how to use your smartphone for photography.

So if you want to take beautiful pictures like a pro, learn these smartphone photography tips below.

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Take good photos with your smartphone

Not everyone can afford a DSLR, but they can add some cash to purchase a smartphone with a better camera. Likewise, a mobile phone is more accessible to carry around than a bulky and heavier DLSR. For most people, their smartphone cameras are the only cameras they use, and they are so adept at using them and can rival a DSLR in terms of quality.

So without further ado, here are some tips on taking professional-quality pictures with your phone.

Take multiple shots

You can take as many photos as you want and view them easily with smartphone photography. You do not have to print them out. You can vary your distance or angle with multiple shots and later check which one comes out better than the rest. With some smartphones, you can use the burst photo setting to take about ten images per second of a subject while long-pressing the shutter button.

Understand the capability of the camera

Learning the features of your phone’s camera and how the camera works will help you immensely. If your phone does not have an extensive manual, you can check online to see what the camera can do. Typically it has an auto mode, while some models include a manual mode. Check how the auto mode functions, focuses and adjusts to the different light settings. Do the same if there is a manual mode. For example, you might change the shutter speed and set the white balance. You will take better pictures if you know how to use the camera’s features.

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Use the camera outdoors and take advantage of natural light

Phone cameras have smaller sensors, so they do not take excellent indoor shots. But they can be perfect for outdoor shoots, especially if you choose the proper lighting conditions. Lighting contributes much to the picture’s atmosphere, tone, and mood.

Do not use digital zoom

Some cameras are equipped with digital zoom, but professional photographers advise against using them. Digital zoom reduces the image’s resolution, so your photos will have poor results. Instead, use optical zoom because it does not affect the photo’s quality. Otherwise, you need to move closer to the subject to improve the quality of the image.

Use the high dynamic range mode

Many smartphones have high dynamic range or HDR mode, and this feature adds more detail when there is high contrast between light and dark areas, giving the image a more balanced exposure. This is an excellent option for landscape photography, mainly when the contrast between the ground and the sky is relatively high.

Use some editing tools

Even professional photographers use editing tools, so you should not always be satisfied with the photos you take with your camera phone. If there are minor flaws or some areas that need highlighting or correction, you can use the built-in editor, if there is one, or use more advanced photo editing tools. You want to have better-looking photos, especially if you want to create a printed compilation to give to someone or keep for yourself. There are service providers that offer photo book creation, so if you want to create a Facebook photo memory book to keep forever, click here, so you can make the most of both uploading them to the wider public – promoting your work – and personally storing them for your own satisfaction.

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Learn the rule of thirds

Most professional photographers follow this rule. In the rule of thirds, a frame is broken into nine equal blocks to form a three by three grid. Your objective is to get the most exciting parts of the image close to the corners of the grid where the grid’s imaginary lines meet. Applying the rule of thirds gives the photo a more natural feeling and allows the viewer’s eyes to flow comfortably around the entire image. You want a cleaner arrangement for some pictures, so place the subject/s symmetrically within the frame. You can enhance your photography skills by learning more about composition.

Rest your phone on a flat surface if the condition is dark

Sometimes you want to take a picture even in dark conditions, such as in a bar, music venue, or concert. But when conditions are dark, you can get a camera shake, which will result in blurred images. Likewise, the camera will automatically push the ISO, adding noise to the picture. You can minimize the issue by leaning the phone on a flat surface, such as a ledge, table, or wall.

Download more and better editing apps

You can do with third-party apps that you can easily download. The built-in apps on most smartphones are good enough, but you can improve your photos with other editing apps that can enhance your camera’s features, including filters and settings that can raise the level of your images. Such editing apps are usually available for Android, iPhone, and Windows phones.

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Invest in a gimbal

Most phones have compact cameras that take pictures at 1080p. But if you have a more recent model, you may have a phone that can take 4k videos. While flagship units include optical image stabilization, you can have smoother videos by keeping your phone steady with a gimbal.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with the photos your phone camera produces, maybe it is time to change your phone and get a model with a better camera. You can read and learn as many camera phone-taking tips available, but if the quality of the camera you have is low, no tip can help you take better photos.