How to Enjoy a Safe Night Out With Friends

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Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or something else, you likely want to do so in style with those closest to you. A night on the town may appeal to you, especially if you get to spend time in your favorite bars, clubs, and restaurants and have a few laughs with friends.

While fun is your main priority, safety should also be high up on the list. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your night out with friends is both entertaining and safe.

Choose Safe Establishments

If you want to drink with friends or try legal cannabis products, you may be able to make your experience a safer one by choosing to do so at reputable, legal establishments that prioritize safety.

According to Dragons Chamber, you can visit their establishment in groups or with a few friends when you fill out a form to become a member. Only then can you enter the establishment. This entry style may ensure that the club is filled only with named, authorized members known to management to keep you as safe as possible. Visit to learn more.

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Remain In Your Group

Remain with at least some, if not all, of your friends, no matter where you go on your night out.  Whether you’re going to a bar, a club, or the waiting area of public transport, don’t do so alone.

If you’re worried about trying to keep track of everyone in your group, create a buddy system before you head out. Keep within eye’s sight of at least one or two friends for the entirety of your night out so that everyone has the opportunity to feel a little safer.

Tell People Where You’re Going

Before heading out for a night on the town or to a party, make sure at least one person who isn’t in your party group knows where you’re going to be. Keep them updated throughout the night and give them a rough estimate of when you’ll be going home.

Even if you just check in every couple of hours to let them know you’re at a certain establishment, you can have a timeline of the places you’ve been for everyone’s peace of mind. You can also let that person know when you arrive home safely.

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Never Leave Anyone Behind

When your friends find people outside your group to talk to at a bar, club, or event, you may feel confident leaving them behind to move on to a new venue. Even if you believe they’re in safe hands, that may not be the best plan.

The same people you arrive at venues with should be the same ones you leave with. That way, you can make sure everyone is safe at all times. If someone wants to go home at any point, make sure they have a safe ride to their address, such as public transport, and ask them to message you when they get home so you know they arrived there without any issues.

Listen to Your Gut

Not every party venue you visit will make you feel safe and comfortable. Some might be overcrowded, or there might be people that make you nervous. If everyone in your party agrees, listen to your gut and move on to somewhere new. Not every club, bar, or partying establishment is run by responsible owners or managers prioritizing patron safety.

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Guard Your Drinks

The unfortunate reality is that drink spiking still happens, and both men and women can be in grave danger if it happens to them. While you shouldn’t need to feel like you have to guard your drink, it may help you stay safer.

Never leave your drinks or the drinks of your friends unattended, which includes even leaving them on the bar by a bartender or at a table. If you have to go to the toilet, leave your drink with a trusted friend or take it with you if it’s possible.

Never accept premade drinks from strangers, even if it seems like a kind gesture. If someone does want to buy you a drink, watch the bartender make it and take it directly from them.

Download a Safety App

Even if you’ve laid out the ground rules with your friends before attending a party, being separated from your group can sometimes happen. Consider downloading a safety app like Kitestring, Watch Over Me, or Circle of 6 before you head out.

These apps can require you to check in via a notification or text and will alert the emergency contact you choose if you don’t. Some of the apps can also identify your location so that loved ones can locate you. Just as you might use safety apps for your children, consider their importance for yourself when you’re away from home.

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Be Responsible

Celebrating in style can sometimes mean treating yourself to alcohol and legal drugs like cannabis. While these can help you and your group have fun, it’s always a good idea to remain in control and be responsible to keep yourself safe.

Ensure at least one member of your group is sober, and monitor your drug and alcohol usage. Drink plenty of water, eat food, and stop drinking when you’ve passed the point of just being happy or ‘tipsy.’

Fortunately, when you drink and consume drugs in reputable establishments, bartenders, employees, and management typically know when to stop service and give you a chance to sober up.

Organize a Safe Ride Home

If you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol after a night out, make sure you have a safe form of transport lined up. You might decide to rely on a sober friend or family member who’s happy to pick your group up at any time or take a bus or train with your group at a specific time.

Taxis and rideshare services may also be a worthwhile option, but stick with your group while utilizing these services and alert everyone when you get home safely.

Everyone has the right to feel like they can have fun with their friends in public and remain safe. However, the reality is that several vital steps are worth taking to ensure your safety. Make a plan with your friends before your celebratory night begins so that you can have a night to remember for all the right reasons.