5 Points Why Tampa Bay Buccaneers Can Dominate The Next NFL Game

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are entering the 2024-21 NFL edition with high expectations. During the NFL Draft, this team acquired some of the biggest football players. Apart from that, they reformat a stronger lineup this season to challenge the big bullies in the National Football Conference like the San Francisco 49ers.

Looking into the team’s professional football record, the Bucs had their last Super Bowl title in 2002. They dominated the NFC in the20th century but were left way behind in the new era. Also, their last playoff appearance was in 2007, and with that, they had experienced a 12-year drought in the Super Bowl stage.

As the Super Bowl LV finals will be held at Raymond James Stadium, the Bucs home court, this team is hyped to play impressively in their respective conference. Along with their excellent FanDuel.com, here are some reasons why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can stand over in the NFC and proceed to the league playoffs.

Tom Brady’s Acquisition

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AFC’s biggest football superstar, Tom Brady, has joined the NFC’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He ended his 9-year career with the New England Patriots and will serve as the starting quarterback for the Bucs. Apart from that, the Bucs stole Brady from the Pats offering an $50 dollar deal.

With him joining the Bucs, Brady is ready to work with the team’s existing players like T.L. Logan, Chris Godwin, Tanner Hudson, Josh Wells, and Khalil Davis. It will make the Bucs a tougher contender for the NFC side this year. Brady is a six-time Super Bowl champion, three-time NFL MVP, four-time Super Bowl MVP, and fourteen-time Pro Bowl achiever.

Rob Gronkowski’s Appearance

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The Bucs didn’t settle for less this year as they also contracted Brady’s former teammate, Rob Gronkowski. After leaving the New England Patriots in 2018, Gronkowski and Brady will reunite and find a new start with the Bucs. Gronkowski will work as a tight end for the Bucs, the same position he does for the Pats.

As he reunites with his former teammate and works with the Bucs star players, they will surely dazzle in the NFC, giving the San Francisco 49ers a hard time to earn their stint this year. Gronkowski was a three-time Super Bowl champion, a five-time Pro-Bowl achiever, and a four-time All-Pro accomplisher.

Younger Talents

While Gronk and Brady joined the Bucs current roster as veterans, the team also has young talents to offer inside the field. Although they are young players, their experience playing for the NFC is long enough to work excellently with the vets. These young players had almost won the conference matches last year, and they will surely do better this season.

Lavonte David, Chris Goldwin, and Mike Evans are the Bucs existing young talents that will work with the newly acquired veteran players. These talents have been contributing well to the Bucs offensive and defensive records. Besides, they have tallied an overwhelming passing yard, and they can slay it better this time with the help of Gronk and Brady.

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A More Relaxed Schedule

Last NFL season, the Bucs had jousted in a tighter and stricter schedule, which was the main reason why they failed in the NFC playoffs. In the  2024-21 NFL season, their fate had turned the other way around, where they had a more favorable matchup schedule. Apart from that, they will only battle out with four teams who advanced in the previous season.

Outside the NFC, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have more home-court advantage. It means that they will guest the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Charger, and Los Angeles Rams. The Bucs will only have one tough schedule, which is against the defending champs, the Chiefs.

Tougher Defense Troops

Along with the Bucs acquisition of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, their defense side is more improved. During his rookie season with the team, Mike Williams had played as the starting wide receiver. He was then seen as a future rookie of the year who will eventually be part of the Bucs current line-up this NFL season.

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Also, aside from Brady, Josh Freeman will work as the quarterback who will work closely with Williams. On the other hand, Benn might have an up and down performance, but will surely perform seeing tough guys on the team. All these will make the Bucs defense harder to beat in the NFC, including the league playoffs.

Lastly, the tight ends will also contribute to the Bucs’ biggest defense skills. Luke Stocker, Kellen Winslow Jr., and Josh Freeman will fill-in this position. With these guys playing for the Bucs in the defense side, which will be with newly traded players, there is no doubt that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can have their slot in the Super Bowl LV finals.

The Teams Emerging Experience

Every NFL team has lived to their player’s experience as their weapon to outlast each other. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are surely not an exception, as they have proven many times that they can step up. Their domination in the 20th century might come back this year by housing huge veteran players.

Not only Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady can make an impact, but their existing players can also topnotch the team’s expectation. The experience of Mike Evans as an excellent wide receiver makes the team’s defense stronger. Lastly, Jameis Winston and Lavonte David’s teamwork will ultimately bring back the Bucs to the spotlight.

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With greater pride and boosted confidence, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are entering the 2024 NFL battlefield in a full weapon. As they wrestle in the NFC facing last year’s Super Bowl runner-up, the San Francisco 49ers, the Bucs are approaching a better winning percentage, to begin with.

Thus, adding vets like Brady and Gronkowski, maintaining young talents, and offering a highly-experienced roster, the stars will surely align in favor of the Bucs in the upcoming NFL season.