Tan Mom-Story About Her Weird Life

Tan Mom

Patricia Krentcil, who is better known as “Tan Mom”, is a person who was previously known as UV enthusiast. However, she attracted the attention of a large number of people as well as the media because of a scandal that took place a few years ago. Then she was arrested because she was accused of bringing her daughter to a tanning bed. The situation became scandalous because her daughter was then only 5 years old and this way of sunbathing could seriously affect her health.

Fortunately, the charges were dropped and Tan Mom was released. This controversial case helped her later to raise her popularity and become one of the most recognizable and we must say, one of the craziest personalities of pop culture.

In her career, she also appeared in role in the one type of film, and she even had her musical career. Nevertheless, none of these two was successful, and can even be considered as a fiasco. Tan Mom was also part of the “Wack Pack.”

However, the question that many people are interested in is what actually happened to her and where is she today? We decided to devote the following text to Tan Mom and give you answers to previous questions. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Beginnings in the porn industry

When we said that she had a role in the film, we thought of an adult movie. As most people know, Tan Mom was obsessed with sunbathing and tanning salons. Therefore, she had a really dark skin color.

This led her to think that it would be okay to shoot one of the porn movies for Vivid Entertainment and in that way earn money. However, this company refused her offer.

Nevertheless, her offer attracted the attention of Lucas Entertainment who thought that she would fit into one of their projects, and she got a role in a gay porn called Kings of New York 2. She featured in a movie that is about ” the story of the ambitious New Yorkers who have made it, understood the cost and have sold whatever and whoever they had to.” To make things worse, this film included men. However, she was too drunk during the recording, but she still earned her $1,000 of cash.

Tan Mom-Story About Her Weird Life
source: bitchute.com

Problems with alcohol

While being guest in The XL Club and New York City, Tan Mom was literally too drunk and caused problems. She was the guest of this club as a celebrity of honor, however, her behavior was the opposite of it.

Bianca del Rio, who was a host, spoke about this incident in an interview to New York Post:

“We asked her what she wanted to drink and she slurred,” I did not put my kid in a tanning bed!””

She also stated that the entire team that worked at the event knew the secret code which meant that if Tan Mom made some problems, the security would have to respond. This was exactly what happened very soon after the start of the event, and the paparazzi photographed and recorded this shame.

Welcome to the Wack Pack

As we said, she was accused of taking her daughter to the tanning salon and was therefore also arrested. Well, after this strange event, Tan Mom appeared in a show of Howard Stern. However, he did not take much time to assess that Tan Mom is the ideal person to join the “Wack Pack” group. If anyone does not know, this group is made up of, let’s say the weird people who used to be inserted into the shows of the popular TV and radio personality.

This is not all, but Howard has joined her to Sal Governale for some times, and, of course, Tan Mom has in many situations made the incidents. For example, she once sprayed the other passengers who were on the plane with the bronzer. Can you imagine how many people were terrified at a height of 30,000 feet, and with them there is a person on the plane such as Tan Mom. Pretty crazy trip, is not it?

For bronzer or worse

As TMZ wrote in the year of 2013, Tan Mom then divorced from Richard Krentcil, who was “failed a lie detector test about infidelity on a TV show called The Test.” However, they were in some ways again together when they both became members of the Howard Stern’s group that we mentioned a little earlier.

Tan Mom-Story About Her Weird Life
source: latinoreport.com

There are some statements in which Tan Mom said that she was married to Mr. Krentcil was because of their children, and the two of them often did not agree, except in situations where her husband had a lot of money. On the other hand, Richard Krentcil once said that “she’s just very dramatic.”

Was her rehab stint just for PR?

Apart from sunbathing, Tan Mom was very seriously addicted to alcohol, so that she was once too drunk that she could not fly the plane. After this incident with the plane, she had to go for detoxification for a period of 30 hours in order not to have problems with the police again.

However, after this treatment, she decided to go to rehabilitation, which was helped by Michael Lohan. Believe you or not, he is the father of famous actress Lindsay Lohan. Although he is a very influential person, this act was really a very nice gesture with the intention of helping Tan Mom who really was in the big problem with alcoholism.

However, after a while, Jezebel announced the news that Mr. Lohan, Tan Mom, as well as some “reality personalities” are representatives of a PR agency. So, this is pretty suspicious.

She inspired legislation

You may have thought so far that there are incredibly many bad things and incidents that Tan Mom did, but this is not really the case. In a bunch of negative processes, she caused a positive reaction to the legislation in some way. The event that brought her popularity and even more publicity was the charge that she was taking her little five-year-old daughter into a tanning bed.

Although she had never been charged of this alleged case, the public and people around New Jersey were furious about such behavior. However, this dissatisfaction among citizens has somehow had to be diminished, and this was certainly contributed to the law according to which no one person under the age of 17 can’t be a user of a tanning salon. This is a completely logical step because this way of sunbathing is really harmful to the health of young people.

Chris Christie, who was then Governor, said after the accepting this law:

“The new restrictions imposed by this bill followed a single, but breathlessly reported incident of a parent bringing a minor child into a tanning facility.”

Although this law was supposed to bring significant changes, this did not actually happen. One study that has been conducted has shown that nothing has really changed in comparison to the period before this law. Even all those over the age of 14 could get a spray tan treatment that was considered a better solution for the health of all users of the tanning salon.

Appearance in the promotional video

You may not have heard of her, but Dana Ramos is the author of the book The Skin Regime, intended for those who want to regain their old skin look. For promotional purposes, she hired Tan Mom to help her to record several video clips for the YouTube channel and show the process. And this is another in a series of mistakes made by Tan Mom, because, if you look at this video content, Kings of New York 2 can seem to you much more interesting.

Especially catastrophic is the last, fifth video in which the so-called Dr. Dana Ramos confirms that Tan Mom’s skin looks much better now after her miraculous regime. However, you are surely wondering what is this effective method that so magically recovers your skin? If we tell you that it’s a Botox, is this too revolutionary for you now?

SPF Iffy

Nearly two years ago, in July and the year of 2017, Tan Mom spoke in one of her New York Post interviews how angry she was when her daughter received a sunburn while she was in school. But, if you remember, we said a few moments ago that she was arrested for suspicion of taking her daughter Anna to the tanning bed. Is not this just funny? She even said:

“She was totally burned. I packed her [sunscreen] and she came home like a french fry.”

The worse thing is that she wanted to engage a lawyer who is going to take legal action against the school she wanted to charge for allegedly harassment and sunburn of her daughter, who was then 11 years old. Unfortunately, to date, it is not known whether Tan Mom really sued the school because officials from this institution did not want to give information about this case.

She has definitely picked up a lane

Tan Mom tried to use the whole situation around her skin and the many scandals that followed her over the years when she was involved in a salon called “Sun of a Beach”. In an interview in the year of 2017, when she spoke to New York Post, she gave a very interesting piece of information, that she spent about $15,000 in arranging her business. This salon is located in her hometown Nutley, in New Jersey.

In addition to this investment in the salon, Mom said she borrowed another $ 25,000 to become a co-owner. However, New York Post later denied that she was co-owner because the owner of the salon has not yet made a final decision about it. In addition to these details, she said in the same interview that there is no more sunbathing every day, but has reduced the treatment for three days during the week. She also added:

“I love the sun-it’s healthy. This whole [dangers of] UV bulls ** t-you can die from anything.”

Well … this sounds terrible

We said earlier that Tan Mom was part of the Howard Stern’s show. This means she received a certain amount of time during the show when she was able to talk about some of the things she wanted to talk about. Several times, she shared with the public some really stressful and shocking details from her early life, but also her plans for the future.

For example, during a single show she talked about her funeral and how she planned it:

“Well I’m cremated. I went in tanning; I’m going to go out tanning.”

In addition to this little shocking statement, she talked about some really difficult moments from her teenage days. For example, on one occasion she brought out extremely disturbing information that she was dropped into a well by her family’s friends and that she stayed there for seven days. She also spoke about the injuries she received in some other circumstances, as well as about being blind to her left eye and having a speech impediment. She later spoke about this last problem for the New York Post when she stated that the main cause of her speech impediment was an attack that happened when she was a 20-year-old and when she was attacked by a male person while she was in the bar and that she suffered head injuries because he hit her with plates.

She said:

“Do not judge until you’ve been in someone else’s shoes. I’m not drunk. Sometimes I fall.”

A date with John Stamos? Hard pass.

John Stamos is another member of the Howard Stern’s team. During a phone talk, he had a very interesting conversation with Tan Mom. She told him that he is known to her from Full House, but also that she thinks this is a “stupid” show.

After that, he presented his idea that the two of them would go together in another show such as the Great Adventure. However, she did not like it, and even she told him:

“I was on General Hospital, I mean, does not that … you know …?”

This was her attempt to end this conversation, which led John Stamos to say, “Don’t go.”

What does the Tan Mom’s Home look like?

Although she is a celebrity, Tan Mom’s house is not so spectacular as her life. During one visit to her home, Memet Walker, who worked for Howard Stern, described the home with the following words: “Looks like it’s going to fall apart at any second. It looks like a haunted house when you walk up to it.”

Also, he noticed a lot of things that Tan Mum called “antiques.” However, when he asked her what all these items were and what their origin was, she replied: “All these pieces are from the war.” But this was not the end of this comic situation because Walker asked a new question: “What war are the pieces from?” To this question, Mom had a very understandable answer: “The 1800s. It goes back to the Holocaust.” How not to smile for something like that?

Tan Mom-Story About Her Weird Life
source: scoopnest.com

She made ‘music’

Remember her failure in the industry of porn movies, and you realize that her ‘musical’ career was another big fiasco. As well as Lucas Entertainment, the opportunity with Tan Mom was seen by Adam Barta. He is the person who facilitated the ‘songs’ for Octomom, Honey Boo Boo and, of course, Tan Mom.

You can only imagine how talented singers are working with Barta. For example, at the beginning of this “piece of art”, he says to Tan Mom:

“Just make sure when you sing, you sing it right into the microphone.”

If you want to listen to any of her several tracks (which is certainly not our advice), we believe you can find them on YouTube, but keep in mind, it’s about extraordinary sounds or whatever it is.

Brace yourself, YouTube. Tan Mom is coming.

After a shocking career and an actress career in adult films, Tan Mom decided to try to be YouTuber. We do not doubt her talent and we believe that with the help of Mark Lehneman, she will achieve great success on this video streaming platform.

Their YouTube spectacle is called The Tan Mom and Pale Mark Show! and they are uploading since May 2018. We did not say that Tan Mom plays the role of Petunia. In any case, we want them a lot of success in their big venture.