How to Get High at Home Like a Pro-How to Smoke Weed Every Day in Secret

How to Get High at Home Like a Pro-How to Smoke Weed Every Day in Secret

Every young person wants to try something new, no matter what it is. For example, one of such things is the weed, which most young people begin to smoke in high school age. However, at the first encounter with these things, all these young people may be a little confused and afraid that someone will catch them.

If you are one of them, do not worry, we have an ideal solution for you that does not mean you have to hide in some dark streets. The situation is quite the opposite, because if you follow all our tips on how to get high at home like a pro, you will be able to enjoy your weed in the comfort of your room.

So, before the beginning of your secret operation, you will need to get several things like hair band, towel, fabric softener and believe you or not, a toilet paper tube. Now, if you’ve got the all essential things that are certainly weed and lighter, we can continue. Follow our next steps and you will never be caught.

How to Get High at Home Like a Pro-How to Smoke Weed Every Day in Secret

Step 1. Getting a toilet paper tube

This is definitely the easiest step, because you can literally find this thing everywhere and in every bathroom. So, watch carefully when all toilet paper is used and then save this tube so that someone does not throw it in the garbage.

Step 2. Getting the fabric softener

This is as easy as the previous tube. So, check your laundry and there you should find something like this. You will need two sheets to wrap them later on, on both sides of the toilet paper tube.

Step 3. Getting the hair band

If you are a girl, this will surely be another one in a series of easy steps. However, if you are a boy, it may be a bit complicated. However, you can always borrow two hair bands from your sister or any other woman in your area.

So, when you provide all these parts, put one sheet on each side of the toilet paper tube, and tie them with hair bands. This will allow the smoke that will be created not to go all the way around and attract someone who can catch you while you are enjoying it, but stay inside the tube.

Step 4. Place towel in critical places

Another step in defending your stoner room is to place a towel next to your door so that smoke does not spread out of the room. Place it at the bottom of the door of your room to ensure that no one doubts what you are actually doing. If you have followed all of our previous steps, your weed-smoking tool is ready, and all security procedures are performed at the highest possible level.

How to Get High at Home Like a Pro-How to Smoke Weed Every Day in Secret

Step 5. Getting some scents

This is not a necessary step, although it would be nice to invest a few more dollars in creating an even better atmosphere. For example, you can get some scented candles or maybe incense. Simply, make a full comfort and you will be free to enjoy the weed.

Step 6. Play some music

In addition to the fragrance that will make you feel better and significantly contribute to the overall atmosphere and comfort, music is another good way to relax and not worry because definitely, nobody will catch you. For example, you can get vinyl with reggae music of legend such as Bob Marley because he once was a great stoner and inspired a lot of people to live freely in peace and love.

It would be all our tips and steps on how to get high at home like a pro. We hope you already enjoy it now.