“Tanked” Star Heather King Claims Domestic Abuse Was Going On For A Long Time


The reality star, Heather King, filed the protective order in court against her husband Wayde, alleging he had been physically abusive for years and that she feared for her life.

Image source: cinemablend.com

She claimed that Wayde pushed her and threw her against the wall. It got so bad that their daughter had to intervene. The reality star also took photos of her injuries.

In the court documents, Heather claimed that the violence had been going on for some time. Allegedly, Wayde King broke her finger in July and tried to strangle her in November.

The couple filed for divorce in May last year after Heather was arrested for domestic violence after slapping her husband. Wayde tried to get a protective order against his soon-to-be-ex-wife but the judge declined it. Heather King was granted a protective order against him.

The pair was married since 1997, the same year they founded Acrylic Tank Manufacturing with Heather’s brother Brett Raymer. The reality show “Tanked” ran for 15 seasons on Animal planet.

The very successful company installed fish tanks for many celebrities including Alyssa Milano and Ludacris.