Things to Do During the First Meeting with your Divorce Attorney

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Spouses come to family law advocates at different stages of divorce. Maybe you have already received the divorce notice and are looking for some relief from allegations like physical abuse or an extra-marital affair. Maybe you’re looking for the right way of getting child custody and compensation for physical and mental stress from the other part or just want to know your legal rights. In every situation, it is important to consult a divorce attorney.

Separation is dissolving the bond of marriage. Divorce is a legal procedure and to accomplish this legal procedure one needs the help of a legal representative. This is why you need a divorce attorney who can fight the case properly. Divorce cases are complex which can turn nasty in court. An attorney is an expert who can guide in the best way so that the case is completed smoothly. is a portal that carries important information on Indian laws for divorce. Some professionals and renowned advocates like Vijay Shankar Gandhi, Tushar Pawar, Suresh Gupta, etc. are associated with it. These lawyers are practicing in Karkardooma, Rohtak, Tis Hazari, Rohini, and Dwarka.

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Divorce just happens. It is not a process that anyone is prepared for. Divorce cases cost a lot of time, money and it is stressful for the whole family both physically and mentally. It also impacts your social life as Indian society still isn’t that broad-minded. Hiring a divorce attorney is the biggest and best decision that you make.

Initially, you might feel reluctant in contacting a lawyer. There are many negative judgments if you hire an attorney. Moreover, if you belong to an orthodox family you may have to face various consequences. Many people may suggest you, advocates, by their names and reputation. It is still wise, but big firms often don’t have time. You need an attorney who can listen to you and is available to answer all your queries personally, rather than transferring to assistants.

However, now that you have decided to hire an attorney, you will have your first interaction with them. Things might not be as smooth as you expected. So here we are with a list of all things that should be done by you. If you’re prepared with all the important tips, you will be able to meet the lawyer with confidence.

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Prepare the List of Questions

It happens to everyone that once they are in the hall or the situation, they often forget things. It is normal if you forget questions to ask that you had in your mind last night. Finally, you leave unconvinced and the moment you remember those doubts, you’ll eventually end up calling the lawyer’s firm again and again. The best way of avoiding this situation is by writing down all questions that come to your mind.

You don’t have to worry about the advocate’s reaction. Even if you have a silly question there, isn’t any harm in asking. You may not know, but they handle several weird cases in a month. The questions may be silly for you, but they have handled them various times. Moreover, you’ll pay consultation fees, so why avoid such situations. Asking as many questions as possible makes you confident about your case and your lawyer.

Prepare All Documents

It is a fact that most Indian women are unaware of their husband’s income and bank account details. Therefore, when they claim for alimony or compensation, they often get one-third of their husband’s total property. Therefore, whenever you meet your lawyer, you should carry all financial documents that provide complete details about you and your spouse’s income, investments, assets, and savings. Gather as many documents as possible to present in the first meeting.

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Provide Your Tax Returns

Tax returns depict the financial condition of an individual. Based on the financial situation the alimony, child fund, and other expenses are decided in the court hearings. The finances will be the key point to continue the divorce proceedings. Therefore, prepare all tax returns information and attach them with other financial documents before submitting it to the advocate.

Provide Honest Information

Be honest with your lawyer. Provide every minute detail about your marriage and the conflict which led to divorce. Hiding any detail can go against you in court. If you feel you might not remember them because they aren’t that important, then write them down and carry them with you in the first meeting. If you’re not honest with your attorney, they can learn things about you from your spouse or their lawyer.

Tell your Expectations

Since you have discussed all your personal details, financial situation with your lawyer, now it is time to tell them what you expect. It is not only about divorce, but child custody, your alimony, and division of property. Nothing should be left behind. An advocate prepares the case accordingly, after knowing your expectations. The lawyer works on the case based on the laws built by the court. If you tell them your desires, they will work in the best way possible.

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Before meeting any lawyer ensure that you can afford their fees. It is not only their fees but various other intangible expenses like documentation, registration fees, assistant fees, commuting charges, etc. If you can afford these expenses, then you can proceed further. Calculate all expenses before getting down to business.

Ask every lawyer about their consultation fees and other charges involved in a divorce case. This will help in making decisions. A renowned law firm will never hide rates or fees, which tells their transparency with their clients. Getting references from these law firms also helps in getting feedback and reviews. This will help in making strong decisions about hiring them.

After the first visit, you will be able to make a decision. Don’t stick to one lawyer, but present your case to some of them. It is good to keep options available. This helps in making correct decisions.