The Best Female Watches to Complete Your Look

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A lot of people believe that a woman’s personality can be conveyed by a watch while accenting her beauty and femininity at the same time. Minimalist watches and large decorated ones are each able to make a specific fashion statement – depending on the woman’s look and style. In this article, you will be able to read about the best female watches that can help you complete your look. Let’s take a look at the list:

1. Da Vinci Automatic (36mm) – IWC Schaffhausen

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This “Da Vinci” model is one of the company’s signature designs and the raspberry-colored strap adds a feminine look to the classic watch. The watch is completed with a silver-plated face and has 25 jewels, hence, there are .94 carats of diamonds in total.

2. Possession, Rose Gold, Alligator, and Diamond Watch (34 mm) – Piaget

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With its rose gold frame and 1.55 carats of diamonds featured on the watch, Piaget’s Possession is a perfect combination of jewelry and a timepiece. The lapis blue strap that it comes with can be changed, so, you will be able to choose what color and type of band you want to wear it with.

3. Serein Mid Stainless Steel Diamond Watch – Michele

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This gentle diamond watch is perfect for women who are looking for a classic timepiece that can be worn on any occasion. The dial is surrounded by 134 shiny diamonds, which were all handset into the stainless steel. You can choose to change the strap for any 16 mm strap from the company, hence, you can easily and regularly change your style.

4. Medor Mini Watch with an Orange Leather Strap (16mm) – Hermès

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This mini watch is a perfect combination of a timepiece and a bracelet. The face of the watch is only present when you lift the stainless steel case which opens to reveal a white dial with two-hand quartz arrows. You can opt for straps in different colors or you can go with the classic, orange leather strap.

5. Stainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold Two Tone Datejust Watch with Fluted and Bezel Dials (26mm) – Rolex

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According to the experts from, if you love mixing silver and gold jewelry pieces, this certified pre-owned watch has stainless steel, 18K yellow gold band that will provide you with that elegant touch. The face of the watch has a yellow gold fluted bezel, and the champagne dial will also tell you the date.

6. Merveilles Secret Diamond Watch (22mm) – Gucci

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If you want to disguise the watch face, this luxurious “secret” watch from Gucci will fit your collection perfectly. The mother-of-pearl dial is silently hiding behind the feline head and it is only unveiled if you slide the cat’s head to the right. With .146 carats of sapphire crystals, diamonds, and attractive yellow gold color, this is a one-of-a-kind watch.


The watches listed in this article will help you complete your look and all of them can be worn on different occasions including work, dinner parties, a night out with friends, and business celebrations. Hence, do not waste any more time and choose a timepiece that suits your taste and style.