Industrial Flue Gas Heat Recovery Unit – All You Need to Know

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Since the beginning, humans have been striving to make their lives better in order to survive in the world and in the process of doing so, they have created some ways that changed their lives for better, but also created some effects that are harmful to the environment. Flue gas heat recovery system was an important step towards creating a healthier environment, and as a result, we can allow trees to grow and our air cleaner.

What is Flue Gas?

When the gas that comes out of the pipes or chimneys from power plants or industries get mixed with the air, it becomes what is known as flue gas. If not properly taken care of or treated, this gas can have some damaging effects on our environment. However, thanks to the Flue gas heat recovery system, all of this can be prevented today.

How to Stop the Gas from going into the environment?

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According to the experts from Exodraft ltd, the heat recovery system is a solution from heat and pollutant-free gas, and these systems are capable of turning flue gas into reusable heat that can be used to produce energy. They can also be used to warm water and it is also used in the condensing boilers.

How does the heat recovery system work?

These systems work by making use of the heat recovery units that extract the heat from the flue gas. Plate-to-plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, and heat recovery ventilation units are all different parts that are implemented in the heat recovery system. By using these parts, the system works bu cooling the waste heat that is extracted from the flue gas, and wastewater heat recovery can also be completed. A flue heat exchanger can convert heat into the water which has other uses in later processes.

What are the advantages of a heat recovery system?

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There is a wide range of benefits and applications of these systems. Firstly, as the heat exchangers cool down the flue gas which contains pollutants, they are removed from the gas as it cools, hence, they will not be able to endanger our environment. Also, various factories and industries can use heat recovery systems to produces energy and hot water extracted from the process can be used to supply offices, facilities, and homes for daily uses.


By implementing an industrial flue gas heat recovery unit, you will be able to gain various benefits. You can help save our environment by extracting harmful pollutants from the gas and air, you can use it to produce hot water and supply various offices, facilities, and homes, and you can produce energy by using this system. Hence, you will not only save our environment, but you will also be able to save a lot of money and energy by implementing these systems. So, do not waste any more time and start searching for the best flue gas heat recovery system that will fit your company’s requirements.