The Best Holiday Movies Playing on Shaw Direct on Demand

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One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting to sit back and watch all your favorite Christmas movies. Whether you opt for a comedy or a more dramatic choice, there’s a holiday movie for everyone.

Every year, new holiday movies get released in theatres, but many people enjoy watching the classics in the comfort of their own homes. If you want to browse through an impressive selection of entertainment, Shaw Direct on Demand has over 10,000 TV shows and movies, and there are a variety of Christmas films.

When you sign up with Poynt 360 for Satellite TV, you get instant access to all these movies and TV shows via Shaw Direct on Demand. Here are some of the best holiday movies playing on this service right now.

Love Actually

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This heartwarming tale intertwines nine different love stories, and watching it will put you into a holiday state-of-mind. Whether it’s Hugh Grant’s epic dancing or the famous airport scene with Liam Neeson and his son – there’s a reason why this movie rates high on people’s Christmas movie lists.

A Christmas Story

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Many millennials would choose A Christmas Story as their classic childhood holiday movie, and it can bring up feelings of nostalgia. This beloved story follows the antics of Ralphie and his friends and family, and is chock-full of memorable scenes like when Ralphie defeats his bully.

Home Alone

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The first Home Alone features the young troublemaker, Kevin, who is left at home by his family at Christmas. He then has to fight off a pair of burglars, Marv and Harry, who are trying to rob his house. He protects his home in various creative ways like smacking an iron into Marv’s face, and other painful tactics.

If you’re a big Home Alone fan, then you can watch the original, as well as the sequel on Shaw Direct on Demand. In this rendition, Kevin accidentally boards the wrong plane when his family is heading to Florida and ends up all alone in New York City. The cartoonish comedic scenes from both of these movies makes for a good laugh every year at Christmas.

Die Hard

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Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? This question has been tearing the internet apart for years. While it takes place on Christmas Eve, the idea of John McClane having to save a group of hostages hardly seems like the typical uplifting holiday choice. However, many people have their reasons for why it is indeed a Christmas movie, like the ironic Christmas references, a Grinch-like villain, the holiday soundtrack, and other theories. For those of you that are convinced Die Hard is a Christmas movie, you’ll be pleased to know that you can watch every installment of this franchise on Shaw Direct on Demand.

No matter what your Christmas movie watching habits are, there are many options when you sign up for Satellite TV with Poynt 360. If you are a holiday movie fanatic, Shaw Direct on Demand has everything you are looking for, and you can get immediate access.