The Best Ways for Modern Men to Boost their Sexual Confidence

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It’s not uncommon for men to feel in-confident in the bedroom. Whether you’ve never quite felt confident enough or you’ve recently started experiencing problems, know that there are ways to boost your sexual confidence as a modern man.

Instead of letting any insecurities and doubts discourage you, face them head-on and find a way to prevent them from interfering with your time in the bedroom for good.

Top Tips for Men Wanting to Experience More Sexual Confidence

  • Kill those thoughts

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The more present you can be in the bedroom, the better your experience will be. It’s natural to get caught up in your thoughts when you’re feeling stressed or are with a new partner but your thoughts are more powerful than you realize. Focus on the sensations and staying in the moment. To learn more about how to restore your sexual functions, please visit Truelibido.

  • Make it fun

When was the last time you laughed and had fun in the bedroom? Sex really doesn’t need to be serious. Studies have actually shown that a person’s ability to laugh during intercourse made them more sexually desirable. Laughter cuts out the tension and helps you connect to your partner.

  • Consider penis enhancement

If you are feeling in-confident because of the size or length of your penis, know that this doesn’t need to affect your sex life and relationships. One option is to release the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone, allowing the penis to appear longer. The other option is to increase girth using fat grafting. Both of these procedures need to be performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon such as Dr Laniewski

  • Get to know some new positions

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Another way to boost your sexual confidence is to show your partner something new. If you haven’t done any reading on positions in a while, now is a good time to do that. It’s also never a bad idea to ask your partner what they want and if there are any positions they would like to try. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even introduce a few sex toys. 

  • Speak to a therapist

Whether you see a sex therapist to educate yourself or there are other issues you feel you need to discuss, either way, this is a highly-beneficial exercise for men. Very often, you may not realize what’s actually reducing your sexual confidence until you speak to a professional. Your mental well being plays an essential role in a healthy sex life.

  • Get active

Yes, exercise can make a difference, and in more than one way too. Not only is exercise known to improve erectile and sexual functioning but when you’re healthy and fit, you naturally feel better about yourself too.

  • Practice soft sex

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It’s completely normal for erections to come and go during intercourse – this does not mean that there’s anything wrong, especially if it’s not consistent. To feel more confident in the bedroom, find ways to continue giving your partner pleasure while soft.  Not every activity requires an erection.

There are countless ways to feel more confident in the bedroom but knowing that it’s perfectly normal to not feel your best all the time is a good start.