The Golden Rules of Firearm Safety


Take a wild guess. How many guns do you think are owned by civilians in the US? 10 million? Not close. 50 million? Not within the ballpark. Think close to 400 million guns and you’re spot on. Yes, you read that right – there are 393 million guns owned by civilians in the US alone. If you’d like to build your own firearm and avoid background checks, visit

If you do the math, this tallies to 120 guns per 100 people living in the country. And this figure seems only likely to soar. Mass shootings, which sadly have become a staple in recent years have caused some surges in gun purchases. With a plethora of guns and gun owners, the issue of safety cannot be placed on the backburner.

You’ve heard the story too many-a-time. A family carelessly leaves a loaded gun lying around only for an unassuming child to take advantage of it and wreak havoc. Gun safety – whether it pertains to gun owners or to the general public – is a crucial topic. Owning or handling a gun may be a right in most cases, but ultimately, it’s a great responsibility. To throw caution to the wind and not be intent on following proper gun safety rules is a suicidal venture. Here are some golden rules of gun safety:

You are not wielding a Toy

For whatever reason, you legally own a gun, never treat it as a toy. It’s not something to be played with. Don’t keep your hand on the trigger for fun. And the muzzle, if it must be pointed at all, must be pointed in a safe direction – always.

Go for Firearms Training

Nobody becomes a virtuoso keyboardist by buying a keyboard and adding it to décor materials. In a similar vein, you cannot be good at handling a gun if you do not take up some sort of practice. Even if you have had training sessions before, a refresher course would certainly do you some good.

Remember, shooting is a skill that must be perfected over the years. Whether it’s for hunting or in readiness for a violent attacker someday, you cannot compromise on vitals such as accuracy, speed, awareness, etc. Additionally, a good gun range where you can hone your skills would provide real-life scenarios that can help sharpen your skills in a practical manner. For some real-life, safe practice, click here to find a good gun training company.

Always Keep Guns Unloaded and Locked Away

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Guns are tempters, even for the little child who has probably seen one or two sniper movies or for the teenager who’s just looking for the next adventure. If you have a gun in your home, always ensure that it is unloaded and stored in a locker or cabinet that is out of view.

Service Your Gun Regularly

A gun is a masterful craft made by experts. Don’t ever try to change any part of it. If you ever have any challenges, leave it for the experts. Because your device is a machine, it is subject to wear and tear. Thus, always send it back to the manufacturers regularly (as required) to ensure its safety and proper functioning.

Additionally it is important to have the appropriate additional equipment. If you train a lot, or you are a member of police or security agency it is important to have some hand protection in terms of tactical gloves or similar. You can click here and surf for the appropriate tactical gloves for your needs.

In a Sum

In the midst of gun regulations, there are millions in the country who own guns. If you are one of them or anyone close to you is, gun safety is not something you can take lightly. It must be your number one priority. Take steps to ensure your weapon is used for the right purposes. And above all, ensure you are trained periodically to properly handle any weapon.