The Largest Social Media Trends in 2024

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Do you have a plan for your marketing strategy for the year 2024?

Since the year 2024 is fast approaching, you should start planning your strategies to grow your business. 

In this article, you will find out the largest social media trends that the consulting team from Convince and Converts discovered. 

Trend No. 1: Social media will go back to its roots

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The team of social media analyst says that social media will go back to its cores. It will become away from mass marketing. Instead, it will become more personal, and the approach will return to being communicative-driven. 

In fact, Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat, has already predicted it way back in four years. The people thought that Evan was a bonker and that he is only basing his prediction on a phonebook-style interaction in Snapchat. Just so you know, Snapchat is a popular messaging application where you can send pictures, messages, and videos.

It is very attention grabber to see that social media become the components of paid advertisements, intimate stories, customer service, and group messaging. Little by little, public interactions become few and fewer, while public interactions become realized using social media. It is ubiquitous of them to use the Messenger App, Instagram, What’s App, and many others. 

In 2024, it is highly predicted that the consumers will begin to use social media publicly in a lesser manner even though its usage continues to rise. 

Trend No. 2: Social media influencer needs to become more genuine

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Although the social media influencers can become very effective in promoting a particular brand to reach a specific audience and create content, authenticity is the key. If social media influencer tries to fake it,  or see some forces going on, it won’t succeed. Even if the consumers feel being sold, people will most likely reject it. In 2024, it does not mean that the social celebrity that has plenty of followers will have the product an instant win. 

From the report that came from Bazaarvoice, about 47% of the customers feel tired of inauthentic content. About 62% of the customers will agree that the influencer takes advantage of the impressionable audience. 

Trend No. 3: The brand needs a human voice

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There are plenty of competing messages as well as decisions to make every single day. So it can become easy to lose track of what makes the audience or the customers love you or your product in the first place. So, make sure to have your voice. 

Going back to what it has previously been – the basic and a human can make an audience happy and publishing easy. So, to humanize your business account, there is no need to become very formal to look professional. 

Trend No. 4: The social media is becoming everyone’s job

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For more than a decade, social media has been an essential aspect of the business. If you will see it, gone are the days when people are on social media just to play during lunch break. In this modern scenario, business is being conducted through social media.

Similar to disruptive technology, social media moved away from the novelty era to a point where social media proficiency becomes a job for everyone. 

As a business entity, the employees are great social media assets. Besides, 45% of the target consumers will research if a particular employee of the brand posts a product or service. So, as you see it in this example, the skills in social media set beyond marketing or communication roles. Although they are not required, they are needed in HR, customer service, research, and sales. 

Even the roles without a direct tie to the content, design, messaging, lead generation, or sales and service, employees are asked to have an excellent social media presence in powering up the efforts for advocacy. Needless to say. Utmost, employee advocacy in the year 2024 will become the top trend. It is because the employees can humanize a specific brand or amplify storytelling to scale up. 

On the other hand, businesses should have a social media policy or guidelines. It is an excellent resource for the employees to master their skills in media because the world of business right now is more on social media such as email. 

Trend No. 5: The user’s backlash will increase

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The user’s backlash stems from the political environment of the year 2024. So, political warfare will play a role in social media newsfeeds. Even the memes, highlights in sports, and the family photos. 

I see the presidential impeachment in America and the presidential election. The electoral tactics and interference in the process will be tested. It would probably be known to everyone that the United States opened a review of the national security on Tiktok – a Chinese company. 

With many tech-savvy in this world, executives would probably be forced to act to respond. Most likely, disagree with each other to arrive in a common solution. Jack Dorsey, from Twitter, eliminates most of the advertisements catering to politics. It is even though a small percentage of Twitter’s income comes from political spending. 

However, beyond this, it is interesting to see how the Americans would respond to the political climate that plays out of social media. It does not matter where they all spend social networks because of the consumption habits, as well as the choice for a platform, will change next year.

Most probably, this will have an impact on the decisions of the marketers to improve their audience from a specific platform to another. According to Lauren Teague,  it may force the marketers as well as the community managers in diving further to the space of dark social media such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Groups. 

Trend No. 6: The brand will start to define the maturity of Social Media

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The marketers of the B2C cannot get a lot from their investments in social media without understanding its maturity. A report from the Forrester will teach you to know the competencies that affect the maturity of social media. It includes the means of accessing your social media maturity and the steps to do in advancing the approach. 

Trend No. 7: Social media will stay to lead B2B marketing

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As of now, the distribution channel of the B2B for its content marketing is done through social media. Based on the prediction, no signs that this will be dropping. Instead, marketers have to continue investing in social media. It is vital to take social media strategies more seriously, distinct, and more focused on the needs of the audience. Just remember that there is no one size fits all in the world. 

Trend No. 8: Messaging Applications will continually grow

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As it has been predicted that the public social media use will decline, the use of the messaging applications will keep growing. This messaging app includes Messenger, Snapchat, What’s app, and others. In 2024, these applications will have more opportunities and challenges for brand marketers. The price will be billions of active messaging app users that include that Millennial and Generation Z. 

In the year 2024, try to consider the messaging applications and strategies that will fit your social media and strategy for gaining customers.  

Social media no longer the same as it was once. Social media marketers will advance their means based on the customers and the way they want to communicate (More Details Here).