The Ultimate Hiking Checklist: 6 Essential Items To Carry In Your Backpack

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According to John Muir, “In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks.”

And, we cannot agree more to it.

Hiking is one of the best ways to disconnect with the world and seek solitude and peace while you’re in the lap of nature. And, let’s not forget about its health benefits too (both physical and mental).

No matter if you’re climbing a mountain summit or hiking towards any spectacular waterfall, there are certain essential things that you MUST carry in your backpack.

After all, backpacking is all about hitting the trail with nothing but life’s necessities on your back, right?

But wait! In order to determine the same, you need to consider various factors. And, we have mentioned each of these below.

  1. The location you’re planning to hike
  2. The total area that needs to be covered
  3. The weather of the area

So, gear up as we shed light on the six majorly important stuff to carry on your next hiking adventure.

1. Shelter; A cabin-style tent, maybe?

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We all fantasize about sleeping under the stars someday, and there is no better option for it than an outdoor adventure.

But hey, let me give you a quick reality check!

In practicality, sleeping under the stars is possible only if you don’t mind the green grass accompanied by insects and other such elements.

Back to the real world, are you?

So, when you’re going for a day-long hike or a multi-day hike, carrying something for shelter is of utmost importance. And, a cabin-style tent is the best option to rely on.

They are foldable, easy to assemble, have proper zippers for security and privacy, and windows to ensure proper ventilation.

The best part?

They promise a cozy environment just like your own room, and it’s likely you’ll feel like home in the wilderness!

P.S. Make sure to invest in a top-notch shelter. The one made up of high-quality tent components of PT Winchester is usually durable and lightweight.

2.Water: Keeping yourself hydrated is the key

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The second most important thing of all to be carried to the trail is WATER. It has innumerable benefits for our bodies, and we cannot just ignore them.

As it is known, keeping yourself hydrated is the key to living a healthy life. And, when hitting the trail, it becomes all the more important because we perspire a lot. Hence, our body needs more water in that case.

That being said, make sure to carry at least two bottles of water before hitting the trail.

Besides, you can invest in a water purifier that allows you to drink later water or the water from the stream that flows. It is a great option to keep yourself hydrated when on the trail without having to worry about water shortage.

3. Snacks: To keep your energy level intact

Just like any other physical activity, hiking burns a lot of calories. (So, all the lazy peeps who find excuses to skip the gym, hit off the trail and shed those pounds you’re willing to while you enjoy yourself)

To fill that calorie deficit in your body, you need healthy and nutritious food.

As we mentioned, snacks, all your favorite cookies, candy bars, and chocolate bars must have come to your mind instantly. Didn’t it?

But, think twice before packing any such random stuff because this is the last thing that your body needs at that time.

There are numerous options that make for a healthy snacking experience. And, we have mentioned the same for you below.

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  1. Fruits like apple, bananas, pear, grapes (specifically those that won’t squish)
  2. Dried fruits
  3. Protein bars
  4. Sandwiches (any kind, can be peanut butter too)
  5. Beef jerkies (don’t consume them too much because they are known to dehydrate your body)
  6. Tuna
  7. Granola
  8. Roasted chickpeas
  9. Clothing: In accordance with the weather

Your location and the time to visit it dictate the clothes that you need to pack.

When going hiking during the summer months and in areas with a hot and humid climate, it is ideal for carrying loose cotton clothes and refraining from any other fabric that sticks to your body. We suggest you save it for some other time!

While for regions having a cold climate, it’s essential to pack layers, but thin layers. Carry a few thin layers than a single heavy layer for your own comfort. The deal with thin layers is that you can remove them or wear them anytime you feel like, and most importantly, they don’t consume much space.

When going for a multi-day trek, it is pretty obvious to pack at least three pairs of clothing. However, in the case of an overnight trek too, we suggest you carry one additional pair in case of an emergency.

Besides, investing in good quality hiking boots/shoes is paramount if you don’t want your feet covered in blisters after the hike.

P.S. Do check the climate a day before going hiking and pack accordingly. You might even need raincoats too!

4. Tactical Gear: To ensure your safety

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No hiking trip is complete without tactical gear. From navigation equipment to safety tools, you must have it all.

Prevention is better than cure, don’t you agree?

We have listed the same below. Do make sure that you carry them and be all prepped up, come what may.

  1. Map or compass for navigating (It comes handy in case you lose your way)
  2. Flashlight to illuminate dark spaces at night
  3. A small first aid kit
  4. Small fire starter cube
  5. Tactical knife
  6. Other miscellaneous stuff

While all of the above items should be carried along to the trail, there are others that didn’t get mentioned but are as important as the rest. So, read on to find out and don’t skip them while packing your backpack.

  1. Sunscreen (No matter the climate, it must be applied on your exposed areas and carried along too)
  2.  Toiletries
  3. Wet wipes
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. Extra ziplock bags to secure your food waste
  6. Camera gear (optional)
  7. Power bank
  8. Insect and mosquito repellant

Final Word

Now that you have a complete list of all hiking essentials with you, all you need to do is grab your stuff and hit the trail already! Embark on this beautiful yet adventurous journey of rediscovering yourself and remember; it’s not just about the final destination but also about the path you choose too. Happy hiking!

P.S. You can maybe carry a small pack of your favorite cookies too! 🙂