7 Things NBA Fans Can Do While Waiting For The Restart Of The Season

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With the recent confirmation of the NBA 2019/2020 season looking to return on the 31st of July, fans from all over the world are desperate for the time to pass as soon as humanly possible.

But we’re more than a month and a half away from the restart of the season, and fans still need something to do in between. That, however, might not be an issue right now as countries around the world are starting to loosen up their Coronavirus restrictions.

Businesses are slowly opening and the economy will be up and running in no time. But with that comes a wave of support for the reopening of major leagues across all sports.

In many sports, including soccer, the five major leagues (excluding the French League 1, have already either started or are due to start in only a matter of days.

While that might be just enough to satisfy your thirst for sports, some NBA fans aren’t too keen on other sports. So, because of that, we’re here to give you a list of the 7 things NBA fans can do while waiting for the restart of the season.

Without further ado, let’s start.

1. Watch Lower-League Basketball

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Even with the NBA currently being put on hold, that doesn’t mean that lower leagues across the United States aren’t playing ball.

Leagues such as college, high school, and even semi-pro are all available for you to watch while the NBA gets project restart up and running.

Nearly every state across the United States has a rich history of high school and college basketball athletes making it in the big league. So, a great way for the time to pass would be to catch up on the best and brightest college and high school level has to offer.

2. NBA2K

For soccer lovers, NBA2K is the equivalent of the mega-popular FIFA franchise of video games by EA Sports.

Playing video games is an excellent way for you to pass the time faster while also providing you with the daily fix you need to get you lasting until July 31st.

In the virtual basketball world of NBA2K, playing with some of your childhood heroes such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, or any other veteran of the game, is entirely possible.

You can play with your favorite team, your favorite player, or even start the journey from amateur to pro playing with your virtual self.

Needless to say, NBA2K is an awesome addition to your video game library and an even better way to help the time pass.

3. Educate Yourself On All Things About NBA

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It’s safe to say that sports are a way of life for the vast majority of people around the world. Not only do they get to root for their favorite teams and players, but they also get to learn the history behind the game.

Being an NBA fan is no good if you don’t know its history, it’s most valuable players, all-star rosters, golden ring winners, etc.   And there is no better way to call yourself a true fan than to take a quiz and test your knowledge on the game.

One such quiz is the NBA Quiz where you get to answer 30 questions and see where you stand amongst the rest of the NBA community, so click here to give it a shot.

4. Watch FIBA

FIBA is the European version of the NBA. While FIBA is significantly lesser-known and attracts fewer stars than the NBA, many of the popular Europeans that have played the beautiful game have decided to sign with European clubs.

One slight problem is that there is no real way for you to watch FIBA with your NBATV packages. That means you’ll have to find other broadcasters that broadcast FIBA. This opens the door for the exposure of slightly lesser-known broadcasters, but they do a quality job of it none the less.

And make what you want of FIBA, it is still the top European competition for basketball. It has amazing teams, amazing players, and you’d be surprised to see how amazing the fans attending are.

5. Learn Something New

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While not necessarily connected with basketball, it might be an excellent opportunity for you to learn something new while waiting for the project restart to kick in.

This can be anything you want but it can also be tied to the game. For example, if you’ve decided to invest your time in FIBA then it might be a good opportunity for you to learn another language.

Spanish, French, Italian, and even German are some of the most popular languages in Europe. Who knows, you might even decide to take Turkish classes as the Turkish teams in FIBA are some of the best ones to watch.

6. Reminisce of Days Old

What better way to help the time pass than to watch the ’96 Bulls season? The rich history of the NBA makes it possible for us to remember the best games ever played. We can even sit down and watch entire seasons unfold.

While the 10/11 season might be a real heartbreak for Bulls fans worldwide, surely the days of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, And Dennis Rodman will be more than enough to keep you satisfied while waiting for the season to restart.

7. Start an NBA Blog

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If you’re a die-hard NBA fan and you need help passing time, then a brilliant way to do so is to start your very own blog and write about things and news related to the game.

This might start off as a hobby at first, but it can quickly turn into a full-time job if you’re good at it. Blogs are amazing resources for lots of people whenever they need information on the internet.

You can write stuff such as game previews, reviews, player profiles, and anything else that is related to the NBA, its teams, players, coaches, and stories.

Ultimately, you need to be patient as it’s only a matter of time before we get to see the beautiful game on our TVs and smartphones.