10 Things Every Gamer Needs to Know about Division 2 in 2024

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Division 2 is a large game, and it can be quite overwhelming to players, especially those who have not played the first title. It has tons of features to offer and it is capable of gluing the players to their screens for hours. In this article, we will go over 10 things that every gamer needs to know about Division 2. By the end of the list, you will have all the necessary knowledge to become the best agent there is.

  1. Return to Settlements

Going from mission to mission without taking a break and refreshing is a tempting thing to do in this game. However, it is important to return to your base and other settlements. You can upgrade them and unlock new bonuses and resources like officers and their perks. There are always new people to be recruited, so explore the map with a goal to upgrade your settlements. As they grow, your settlements will expand to more rooms and areas for NPCs to hang out, a visual upgrade that will make you feel like an actual part of the game and its world.

  1. Projects are Important

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Exploring the vast and dangerous world and completing missions you will obtain materials for crafting projects. Unloading your inventory is necessary because you need room for more stuff. You can complete the projects through the menu, or by visiting appropriate vendors at settlements. Doing projects awards experiences and gives you all the right tools for a better and easier late-game experience. What is more, you will receive blueprints that allow customizing and upgrading your gear and loadout.

  1. Loot and Junk

If you pick up loot that you know you will junk later, always pick the “Loot as Junk” option. Some junk can be donated for projects at settlements if they need it. You can deconstruct or sell the rest, and it is a smarter idea to do the former and obtain other materials. Selling an item is easy, but deconstructing can give you exactly the materials you need for something else. Inventory display is another thing to try, as you can choose between list and grid layouts, making it easier for you to organize and navigate your stuff.

  1. Settlement Side Quests

Main story and important missions are always what draws the most attention of players. However, side quests are often very engaging and interesting, and some are even better than “bigger” quests and missions. In Division 2, there is a plethora of side things to do while exploring, but those at your settlements are the best and award you with the most. Like everything else in the settlements, check back often with the NPCs to see if they offer something new for you to do.

  1. Crafting Station

When you unlock the crafting station feature, you can use all those important blueprints we mentioned and create new gear. As you play, new and better loot will start appearing in every corner, so deciding what is best may be tricky. The best thing players should do is wait until they hit the max level and then start crafting the best items available.

Making specific gear for your own build and playstyle is the most efficient way to better stats and the most effective loadout. Crafting mods is very useful and it is easy to swap them, but you can only upgrade the exotic gear you find. If you want to try Division 2 boosting and quickly acquire some of the best exotic weapons and other gear in the game, click here. Upgrading it with some superb mods you have from earlier will give you the ultimate level 30 exotic item.

  1. The Best Skills

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Choosing the right skill combination can be a hard thing to achieve. Since you cannot test them prior to the final decision, it always feels like gambling. You basically have to take a chance on someone that sounds or looks good, without knowing whether or not you will benefit from it. To help you out, some options are always a safe bet early on.

The Firestarter and Oxidizer are great for armor damage. The Bulwark is a particularly great shield option for escaping sticky situations, especially if your sidearm is great. If you are a team player, you and your squad will benefit greatly from the Reviver variant of the Hive skill, since it allows you to revive your teammates from a safe distance.

  1. SafeHouse Hard Drives

Safe houses are not just refuges where you can restock and sell your loot. The computers you will find there have information and locations on the nearby SHD Tech Caches. Furthermore, checking the computers tells you what three objectives you have to complete in order to liberate that specific area from enemy control.

  1. Prioritize XP Perks

Early on, it is a smart move to focus on spending your SHD Tech on every experience bonus perk you find. Although it may not seem like a big deal, headshot and multi-kill bonuses give great XP boosts that will make you level up faster than other players. If you are looking to hit that max level endgame content quicker, XP perks are the best friend you can possibly have on your way there.

  1. Firing Range

The White House Basement firing range feature gives you a chance to try out all of the different weapons. It offers simple target practice for accuracy testing and improving and DPS meters to help you get better with certain loadouts. It is the place to be for figuring out endgame weapon combinations, perks, and attachments. There is even a wall specifically dedicated to your exotic weapons where you can appreciate them.

  1. Brands

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By equipping three of the same branded items, you get special brand set bonuses, stat boosts, and perks attributed to the set. For example, if you equip any three Providence Defense pieces of gear and complete the 3/3 set, you will get a 10% Skill Power, 5% Weapon Damage, and 8% Health increase. All set gear has a special logo next to the image, so it is very easy to keep track and pair up your items. If you appreciate style in your games and want to have a well-toned, matching outfit, brand gear is perfect for you.