5 Things You Need To Know About Social Media & SEO

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The struggle to establish and maintain relevance on the internet is real. More visibility means greater engagement and increased business. However, many people fail to understand how social media impacts their website’s views. The dynamics of the world of browsing are constantly shifting, and the truth is that social media is playing a significant role here. There are several services for SEO in Brisbane that can help you set up your social media.

This discussion seeks to enlighten you about the different ways in which social media can impact your website’s presence on the internet.

Search Ranks May Or May Not Impact Your Search Rank

When it comes to improving your search rank on Google, one crucial playing factor is backlinks. Backlinks will bring people to your website from different locations, such as a post, article, etc. Better ratings are directly proportional to the number of backlinks. However, most browsers do not count the links posted on social media as backlinks.

Therefore, posting and sharing links on social media will not directly increase your ranking. However, social media does attract a significant audience, and as the engagement on your website grows, your rank will automatically increase. Reputed agencies of SEO in Brisbane like MarketingSweet look after the entire social media front of a brand.

Img source: pexels.com

Search Results Prefer Social Links

By now, we know that the number of shares on social media will not influence the ranking of your page. However, having a well-established social media page is very necessary. On a list of Google search rankings, the socials come on top. So, if your brand has an active social media page, then Googling your brand name will take a client there. Now, if you paste a link to your website on your social media profile, people will be more likely to visit your page.

Also, an attractive profile on social platforms can do tons for your business. You already know the priority of social links in searches. So make sure that you make the best out of this opportunity. When people do visit your profile, it must be appealing. Invest in building an online presence and brand image. Social media is an excellent way of expressing the personality of your brand. The more your ethics, visuals, and words speak to people, the more likely they are to visit your website.

Social Media Is The New Google

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Nowadays, searches are not just possible on browsers like Google or Bing but social media platforms as well. Moreover, social media nowadays is so popular that people search for most of the information over there. Also, people are more likely to know about you and your brand through social media. Think about it: if you catch the name of a new brand in a passing conversation, where do you search for it? Most definitely, on either Twitter or Instagram. People are so attuned to using social media that nowadays, most information comes through this platform.

Due to this trend, experts take social media into significant consideration under SEO. If your brand is relevant on Twitter, you can expect it to impact your website visits. If your brand has stunning visual content, it might get more engagement on Instagram or Pinterest. You can look for agencies that deal with SEO in Brisbane to help you make these decisions.

If you do decide to expand your presence on social media, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. Social media is a brilliant browser, but there are billions of people on these platforms. As a result, there are chances that some people might make duplicate versions of your account. There are no regulations on the platform to remove these spam accounts automatically. You have to take care of these issues.

If you wish to stand out as an official brand on a social platform, you must take care of the following:

  • Request for a seal of originality, like a blue tick.
  • Request to delete duplicate accounts.
  • Use official logos and slogans so that people immediately recognize your brand.

Algorithms Can Change

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It’s true that according to the recent algorithm, social media links do not impact search results. However, this doesn’t mean that it will stay this way forever. Google and the other browsers constantly keep changing their algorithm. Social media is an ever-growing area of user engagement. As a result, future updates may start taking social media shares and links into account. Intelligent website owners know where to focus. They will not miss an opportunity to work on their profiles. They will also build strong associations in this area.

In this context, we must state that it is essential to work with SEO experts who specialize in social media marketing. These professionals will have their ways of working around the algorithm and making you relevant on social platforms. When done organically, growth on social media takes time. Hence, you must begin investing here early to reap the fruits of a future algorithm change.

Take Into Account Browsers Other Than Google

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By now, we know about Google’s algorithm. It does not consider social media shares. However, not all browsers choose this route. Bing, for example, explicitly states in its guidelines that social media presence directly impacts search results. With time, Bing is steadily growing as a primary browser application. Hence, SEO services must include Bing in their plans.

And apart from Bing, there are several other browsers that people use frequently. For a lot of people, Mozilla Firefox is the default. Opera also has a ton of users these days. Apple users have their Safari. So the point is, the key to being relevant is to hack the search rankings of all or most of these browsers. Your focus should go beyond Google.


Everything on the internet is connected, and that is why your presence on social media will help expand your website’s reach. Moreover, it is more likely that people will discover your brand for the first time on social media versus on a browser search results page. It is thus wise to invest on the social media front.