The Secret Tungsten Weapon Led To the Tianjin Explosion in China – 2024 Review

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Warfare is as old as humanity itself. From rocks and spears to nuclear weapons, humanity has really come a long way in its destructive abilities. And this is something that will only increase, with the advancement of science and technology. The advancement that has taken place in the world, gives immense destructive power for humanity, with regard to the creation of so-called ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

This is where China comes into the picture. A couple of years ago, in 2015, there was a destructive incident which made global headlines. It was about an industrial accident from overheated dry nitrocellulose, in the Chinese city of Tianjin, as well as its subsequent damage and destruction. Almost everything across several city blocks was damaged or destroyed, in the aftermath of this deadly disaster.

Visible from space, the explosion was one of the deadliest in recent times in China as well as around the world. At least, that’s what most people believed. That’s because there were others, who speculated that it was more than just a random industrial incident. They suspected that it had to do something beyond the natural; that it was a man-made incident, resulting from a space-based weapon system.

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The exact weaponry that they suspected of using was a space-based Tungsten weapon, belonging to a weapons category called ‘Kinetic weapons’. Termed ‘Rods from God’, it is a system which essentially drops solid metal rods, typically made from tungsten, from orbital positions. The speculation was that the destructive accident caused in Tianjin, was not really a natural event, but rather the consequent result of the United States using an orbital strike system like the ‘Rods from God’, to cause the widespread destruction and damage that took place.

As to the reason for it, there are many. Some suggest that it was a way for the United States to show its military abilities against the Chinese. And there are others who say that it was an effort to prevent the Chinese from creating a gold-backed currency, and dumping the dollar. Then again, there are other accusations that the event was not the responsibility of the United States, but rather a very different military power entirely. The reasons that they cite are many, ranging from the speed at which the damage took place, to the massive crater left in the area and so on.

But then there are other issues that also need to be pointed out, suggesting that it was very likely a chemical factory incident after all. For one thing, there was a great deal of censorship of the internet and media, around the incident. The Chinese social media platform, Weibo, for example, faced a good deal of censorship over the incident.

The same was the case with many leaders, who were rather obscure about the details. Then there were the issues with the chemicals that were suspected to have contaminated the site, whether it was for firefighters, rescue workers, etc.

Simply put, there was a certain degree of suppression about this incident within China. This makes it very unlikely that the incident had anything to do with space-based weapons, and everything to do with industrial chemicals. Regardless of what actually happened, the fact is that the truth about the events that took place in Tianjin is not something we can know for sure.

It is very likely that the events that took place were just an industrial accident, where unstable chemicals ignited and caused the destruction seen in the incident’s aftermath.

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Then again, there might be more to this story, where actual space-based weapons were used to bring about the widespread destruction that took place. Maybe it really was the result of a ‘Rods from God’ technology that was placed in orbit by the United States military, or perhaps some other military power. But given the obscurity of details about the event, the only real option that we are left with is to speculate as to the events that unfolded on that fateful day.

Maybe we will know more in the near future, as more aspects of the details surrounding the events become clear. But that’s probably a long time away from today. In all, it should be concluded that although much has been said about the recent events about tungsten weapons in China, there is more to this than meets the eye.

Given how carefully secrets and operations are guarded, it is very likely that there is a lot more than we aren’t aware of, with regard to this event. It is very likely that in the near future, as more data is ‘declassified’, we will come to understand the exact scale and severity of this incident, and its potential global ramifications.

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