10 Tips to Choose the Best Time Tracking Software for your Business in 2024

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In recent years, Time tracking software has gained serious traction in the market to handle multiple tasks. There are many time tracking apps in the market that have been designed to handle time management. But, most traditional apps fail to provide timesheets, project time management, and invoices all in one software and these apps offer only partial relief. 

All these features are comprehensively addressed by a few time tracking software that gives the ability to be versatile in operations due to its unique adaptability and customizing features.  Here in this article, we bring the best tips to choose the best time tracking software like track.ly that helps your business be more efficient in this highly competitive world.

Tip 1 – Employee monitoring

For any business to identify the activities performed by employees each day, it is important to have software that could analyze the performance of an employee. This provides real-time reporting of the Team’s Productivity by monitoring their working hours. It helps improve productivity and operational efficiency by identifying specific areas by limiting potential distractions.

All this will be fruitful for your business, so this makes it necessary that your selected app has the employee monitoring feature.

Tip 2 – Employee scheduling

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Employee scheduling helps run business in an efficient and easy way.  Look for software that automates the work process of scheduling staff and allows you to switch to online scheduling instead of using a paper system. However, the scheduling app makes your staff more efficient that does not signify the need to spend every second working on the system. Scheduling a  routine will help staff feel more structured and efficient. Also, the right software helps you set goals for your employees that can be met by taking short intervals in-between.

Track.ly offers a time tracking software that has access to track employee log-in time data anywhere, anytime, making it more efficient towards their work.

Tip 3 – Online timesheets in time tracking software

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Online timesheets are a great way to track employee log-in time. This software runs in the background providing screenshots of employee’s data during their working hours. This will eliminate tedious paperwork and improve time management by providing complete info right from mouse click activities to keyboard strokes, a number of hours worked, manual time, idle time,  to time spent on each task, etc.

This information is usually for payroll purposes, but it has become a must in the modern business now. Click here if you are looking for online timesheet software” as your generic anchor suggests.

Tip 4 – Detailed reports

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The significance of detailed reporting of Business reports is very much necessary to get useful insights for business. Reports provide detailed insights into the potential and niche segments in the form of actionable data. 

Your software should provide complete details regarding the estimated time taken by a specific task and project for completion. Moreover, with the help of employee time tracking software, you can even fetch reports about less or more efficient employees.

Tip 5 – Customizable time tracking software

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Each project has unique requirements when it comes to every organization. Their work styles, requirements, and platforms are also different to address every business’s needs. The things that are very important for your business might be entirely irrelevant to others. This makes it necessary for every individual to select software that is customizable.

Tip 6 – Time tracking

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Though all software providers have also ventured into the field of time tracking software, choose an automated time tracking software that is alternative to the timesheet, allowing your businesses to collect time metrics without having to use expensive staff to do the task. While working on multiple projects, a time tracking solution makes it easier for team members to keep track of items that they may forget when they finally get around to filling out their timesheets.

Tip 7 – Project Management

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Many project managers are recognizing that time tracking has the capability to improve the process of planning work, estimating more accurately, and billing clients with great precision. Thus, the need for project management with integrated time tracking is one ought solution that has been standing out in this competitive business environment. Besides tracking and monitoring project resources, the best software allows them to add notes on tasks to keep the entire team on the same page.

Tip 8 – Integrations

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From time tracking and payroll to invoicing and budget tracking,  integration of apps is the key factor to consider so that you can track time from anywhere on the web with one click. . synchronization of the time management app with other business software is very much necessary. Thus, while purchasing the time tracking software, look for a tool that provides integration features. So that you can easily integrate your software with your other official packages like ERP, payroll, CRM, etc. 

Tip 9 – Invoice

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To adapt to complex financial data, look for software that offers features to optimize your business and get all the information about working hours, absent hours, salary deductions accurately with invoicing features.

Tip 10 – Payroll

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Use smart automation to ensure that you track your employees working hours, like never before and you need not worry about payroll ever again. It became quite evident that this is the best solution to track billable hours accurately and reduce payroll errors.  


Boosting productivity and finding success with ever-changing regulations seems hard to achieve sometimes, but if you efficiently manage your business in time and make every hour count, in no time, you will reach new heights of success. With the rise of newer methods of time tracking and access to automatic time tracking solutions, businesses started to realize that tracking their employees’ time can be used for more than just processing payroll. 

Opt for a tool that helps you stay organized and ahead of schedule. Advanced reports and payroll integration go beyond time tracking. All these features integrated would be the best way to benefit from an all-in-one suite. Also, follow the aforementioned tips for buying the best software to make your business gain profits and stand out in this competitive environment.