Tips For Nottingham Students

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Heading off to Nottingham? Be ready to experience the best phase of your student life!

Known as the “​City of Caves​” because of its network of caves, carved out of sandstone, Nottingham is an enchanting and charming city in England. Built above the rocky mountains on the north bank of the River Trent in the East Midlands, the city of Nottingham are a delightful melting pot of culture, history, influence, and haute couture.

Also, home to two of the major universities – Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham, the city tend to attract an average of 60,000 students annually. So, do not worry if you are moving halfway across the globe to Nottingham to study abroad, here are a few of the tips to make the most of your student life, here at Nottingham!

Be Clear about Leasing Policies

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The leasing policies in the entire UK is based on per week. Normally, the most favored method is per month, but students generally fluctuate a lot in​ terms of stay. ​Therefore, ​weekly basis​ rents are curated to make it manageable for the landlord as well as the students to have a tab on the lease due. Also, most of the UK properties demand guarantors before renting out the property to the students.

Sort your Student Accommodation (The earlier, the better)

So, you have decided your University, got your admission letter, packed your stuff and everything; but what’s next? How are you planning to stay in the city?

Being a student-friendly city, Nottingham offers a range of student accommodation options spread throughout the city, which benefits all budgets and tastes. You could either opt to live in on-campus student halls, which usually include a shared bedroom with a shared bathroom, kitchen, and living area, or if you wish to stay in your own cozy private space, the city also offers high-quality student accommodation options, which are available all-the-year-round.

Depending on your budget, location, and preferences, you can easily choose from the range of PBSA’s in Nottingham, which consists of self-contained studios, en-suites, and shared student flats, which are close to the University of Nottingham.

Bonus Tip: While many students would start their house hunt during January and February, it is always better to start your accommodation hunt a bit earlier, especially if you’re planning to live in popular student areas including Lenton, Dunkirk, and Beeston. You can find all the available accommodation options at

Download the Fundamental Apps!

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While apps can be a personal thing and choices could differ from person to person, here are a few of the daily apps that you should definitely have on your phone. Not only would they help you save some money but will also help you to get through your everyday life smoothly.

Sleep If You Can: It is an interactive alarm app specially designed for students. In order to turn the alarm off, users are required to do small tasks like solving a mathematical equation or taking a picture of specific items.

Duolingo: It is one of the most popular and preferred “Language learning app.”

UniDAYS: UniDays offers university students with the best discounts in fashion, technology, and entertainment. These offers can be claimed at both online as well as offline stores. This app is the BEST app for students who are looking out for a part-time job or internship opportunity. All you need to do is log in, add your preferences and credentials, and you will have a list of posts to apply to.

Mint: It is the most-recommended money manager and the financial tracker app. Being a student, it is imperative to keep track of your expenses and bills; Mint helps you plan your budget and also provides tips on where you can save money.

Tutored App: Tutored App is one of the most downloaded apps among university students. It allows the students to share and read free notes related to their courses. Apart from this, the app also features students’ suggestions on travel destinations, recipes, music, and destinations for your Erasmus.

Use Social Media to Meet New Flamates and Coursemates

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Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter to get in touch with your flatmates or coursemates before even actually moving in. Check if there are any Facebook pages set up for your new course or explore Twitter and see if anyone else is talking about joining your course or University.

Also, keep a track on the student union website for any societies you would be interested in and try reaching out to those. Find a linked Facebook page and join in the conversation.

Understand the Nottingham Lingo (At Least Try To)

The Nottingham dialect is rather a unique one, and for students coming from far away country, it would seem quite confusing, especially for the students whose native language isn’t English.

Although Nottingham is known for its friendly folk and exciting phrases, be prepared for some misunderstandings when talking to Nottingham natives. So here are a few of the common phrases that you’ll hear around the city.

Hello- Ay-up/ ay up duck
Are you okay?- Allreet?
Ears- Tabs
Isn’t it cold?- Innit cowd?
Being in a bad mood- Mardy