Tips for Styling Your Bookshelves

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Bookshelves serve many purposes, from storage for those novels you’ll read one day and a display shelf for decorative accents. Decorating your bookshelf can be challenging as you want something functional and aesthetically pleasing. We’ll go over some tips to help you transform that empty bookcase into a beautifully curated masterpiece that sits on display in the living room.

If you’re looking for accessories to line your shelves, don’t go shopping. You most likely have everything you already need at home. You can use items like ornate picture frames, vases, souvenirs from vacation trips, and more to style your bookshelves. Pick and stick with a color scheme, and you will see the items come together.

Start by placing the largest objects on the bookshelf first, so you know just how much room you have left to work with. Add other accessories that have a cohesive color scheme or style. Stagger the objects between shelves, so it doesn’t have a stiff, uniform feel. Fill the open spaces with the smaller accent pieces and add magazine or book stacks if you wish. Potted plants add vibrant colors and texture to the design.

Don’t overload the shelf with small knick-knacks. Keep the look clean by picking one color or tone for vases and small sculptures. Mix up the shapes to add more depth and balance to the décor. If you don’t like what you see when you step back and take it all in, play around with the arrangement until it feels right.

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Alternate book stacks by having some sit vertically and others horizontally. You can also use the horizontal book stacks for modeling other decorative accents to add character. Instead of using your traditional bookends, use accessories you already own. Bold colored accent pieces and picture frames stand out on neutral shelves and really make the bookcase a focal point in the living room.

Arranging books by color creates color-blocked shelf décor that instantly brings attention to the piece. Guests will appreciate the effort you put into designing the bookcase.

When you have deep shelves, you have the opportunity to play with layers. That means you can find a piece of artwork you love and lean it against the back of the shelf. Use books and other heavy objects to anchor the artwork and place small accents that blend with the color scheme toward the front of the shelf.

Place bulky vases and large decorative plates behind smaller picture frames to continue adding depth to the shelves. Arrange books and baskets of regularly used objects on lower shelves and save the upper ones for ornamental accents or other items you don’t often need.

If you need a living room bookcase with doors, click here  to find the perfect one today. Doors add a sense of class and elegance to the bookcase. They also let you know that the items behind the glass are valuable and sentimental.

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If you want to keep items out of sight, then opt for solid doors. They will typically sit at the bottom of the bookcase, leaving you a few shelves on top to use for open displays. Storage cabinets hide objects like toys and movies that would detract from the display’s beauty.

When styling office bookshelves, gather various collectibles to give the space an organized feel. Create loose symmetry by placing the collectibles between books. Mirror collectibles of similar shapes and sizes on the opposite ends of the shelf. That trick is especially useful if you have a large built-in bookshelf. These wall units look boring when they have a host of books neatly arranged from end to end. Break it up and add some spice to the design by scattering books and punctuating each shelf with an accessory or two.

If you stay within the room’s color scheme, adding accessories to the shelves will be a breeze. Playoff of the decorative pillows you have on the sofa or the flowers in the vase you keep on the coffee table. Keep the space cohesive by incorporating pops of color in the living room throughout the bookcase.

Bookends are a must when keeping magazines, paperbacks, and slim books on the shelves. They will keep the reading materials upright and spruce up the shelf. Don’t be afraid of heavy, sturdy pieces. If the shelf can handle the weight, use it.

Another trick you can use to engage your guests is to place provocative titles at eye level for visitors to peruse. The strategic placement of attention-grabbing titles and artwork is sure to be a conversation starter when entertaining.

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Bookcases like the Sedona are perfect for the living room. The doors give onlookers a glimpse into your book collection, while the surface top allows you to display decorative accents.

The Drake Bunching Bookcase with Doors is perfect for hiding away those toys and movies we spoke about earlier and keeping the design of the bookshelves clean. Its rustic finish makes it perfect for cottage and farm-style living areas.

If you need a piece to take up wall space, the Universal Classic bookcase is just the right height, so it won’t interfere with any wall art you put up. Keep family photos and other personal mementos on display.

The Jacksonville Aged Walnut Bookcase is the ideal corner bookcase if you’re working with limited space. This simple combination of metal and woodworks with any design. Though you may not be able to fill the shelves the same way you would a standard size bookcase, it’s just right for decorating a corner and breathing new life into the room.

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