5 Simple Tips For Faster Video-Music Editing – 2024 Guide

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Making and editing videos is not an easy task. Contrary to common belief, it requires a lot of time and practice actually to nail the art of flawless editing. If you are a fan of YouTube and find yourself on the app almost all the time you use your phone, you are definitely aware of how complex videos can become. The nicer a video looks, the more complicated it is to create or edit it.

This is especially true for all those music videos. It is a fact known by the world that music videos receive the most views on the Internet. ‘Counting Stars’ by ‘One Republic ‘, there are some, like’ Counting Stars’ that have more than one billion views! Many of Taylor Swift’s videos have that many views too! Long story short, music videos attract a lot of viewers on YouTube. That is why they need to be flawless.

There can never be one slip anywhere, no mishaps whatsoever, and definitely, there is not a crack for recklessness. Also, one has to constantly post on time to generate engagement. The deadline is steep, and meeting it is always a top priority. In this scenario, if you are looking to be a professional in video editing, you must know some trade secrets nobody else will tell you!

img source: unsplash.com

Believe it or not, there are only a few tips to get you started. It is not even that complex to understand these, and they are straightforward to start working on. All in all, you will emerge out of this article, a person with more wisdom about video editing!

Before we get started, check out any online video editor that you wish to use. You don’t necessarily have to download one as they are available online and can be used without you downloading the application. We suggest VideoCreek; it is an easy-to-use editor with a large library of video templates that makes it easier for anyone to make a video with a professional touch. Have a peek here and learn more.

Here are the five tips to help you edit videos at least 10x faster. Of course, make sure you know the basics first!

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1. Edit out the performances first

This is the most crucial part of your work and will demand your maximum attention. Hence, start with this step and get over half the stress of the job. Go through the entire video that you have received from the crew. Cut out the portions of the performances you want to keep in the video and keep them safe. It is suggested that you keep these arranged in the order of their appearance too, to save you some work in the latter half. This is called a draft track.

2. Mark your favorite shots of b-roll and collect all of them

Believe it or not, b-rolls are the most important parts of your video. Do you know that slight pause in a music video or a moment of utter silence when nobody sings, speaks, or moves? Those are the ones that create the most impact when placed strategically and intelligently. Hence, pay close attention to your b-rolls. Collect your best b-roll moments and sew them together with the scenes from the performance.

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3. Add your effects and filters at the end of your edits

With the two most important parts of your job out of the way, it is time to do some touch-up to give your video an edge. Use the effects and the filters available on whatever application you are using and add the ones that look the best. Do not forget to experiment a little so that you know you have made all the right choices with the final one. This type of editing gives it a little unique touch and makes it better.

4. Take one thing at a time and ace it

Your video editing process officially ends at the above step. However, these two points are the most important as these tell you exactly what you should be doing all the way. Now, when you are working on a tight deadline, chances are, you will be neck-deep in stress and anxiety. Your first instinct will be to multitask and get things done in one breath. Don’t. Multitasking never helps in such scenarios, and your best bet to produce a great result is taking it one step at a time and making something out of all of them. Don’t stress over your deadlines and concentrate on one job when you do it.

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5. Say no to distractions

Here is another thing that can completely derail you from your path and cause more stress and anxiety. Be intelligent and don’t fall into that pit! Say no to distractions. Procrastination comes easily when you are neck-deep in work. That is the reflex action- to run and to escape. But be advised, this never solved a problem, and it never will. Hence, when faced with two choices- the boring task of getting the job done, and the tempting invitation to join your friends at the bar, choose the first one. Trust us; it will save you a lot of anxiety and panic in the future.


Making a video, especially a music video is no cakewalk.  On some days, it will be the most challenging thing you do. On others, it will flow naturally. You can use VideoCreek to make videos too; it is easier to use and has good features. The tips above are not miraculous. They are simple hacks to help you get through the tougher days and, hopefully, still stay at the top of your game. Be fast, but more importantly, be good.