Bitcoin Slots and Betting – 2024 Guide

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The modern cryptocurrency market grows fast and spreads to a huge amount of fields: from investing to crowdfunding. For the gambling industry, Bitcoin has become a sign of a new age some years ago, and since that day, it gives many advantages to players all over the world.

Developers understand that cryptocurrencies are the future and implement them in their games, so do owners of casinos and bookmakers. Let’s find out what are the pros and cons of one of the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

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  • None of the auditing bodies controls digital transfers. This gives complete freedom in bankroll management and is especially important for those who do not want to disclose information about their winnings in the bookmaker’s office.
  • Registration in the system takes a minimum of time, and you do not need to enter personal data.
  • No commissions. When using fiat money, payment systems charge commissions, which is excluded for payments, for example, with bitcoins.
  • Cryptocurrency settlements are truly instant. When withdrawing winnings to a bank card, you will have to wait up to five days, bitcoins will “fall” into the wallet at the time of the transaction and will immediately become available for the following operations.


  • There is no material base. Bitcoin is not backed by either gold or government GDP. In some countries (for example, China), cryptocurrency transactions are prohibited by law.
  • Any user of the system can get data on the bitcoin wallet (including the balance). By fulfilling two conditions, you can solve this problem: do not share data about your bitcoin address with other users and use a new address (you can create an infinite number of them) for each operation.

What you have to do start betting with Bitcoin

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To start betting with Bitcoin, you need to do a few simple steps:

  • The first step – register a bitcoin wallet on any online service available
  • The second step – buy any amount you wish or win crypto on Bitcoin slot machine games in any online casino, such as 7bit casino
  • The third step – choose any bookmaker
  • Last but not least – after winning, withdraw money to your bitcoin wallet

The benefits of playing Bitcoin slots

Bitcoin slots have plenty of advantages comparing to other payment types:

  • Bitcoin transactions are free to make.
  • Bitcoin slots gambling provides much faster compared to other casino banking options.
  • Transactions are totally safe and secured because of blockchain technology, which makes Bitcoin the safest way of payment in the world almost impossible to hack.

How to choose slot games that fit your playing personality

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Amongst thousands of Bitcoin slot games, any person will find best for themselves. But how to understand your game playing personality and choose the best slot game for you? Primarily plenty of players make their choices according to the game plot and design preferences. Modern gambling software providers are doing their best to deliver to customers the best gaming experience.

Their professional skills and true devotion to their job helps them to create magical slots for any taste. There are slots dedicated to TV-shows and rock-bands, to ancient history and movies. Some games have adventurous plots, and some of them are classic and look like a land-based casino slot.

Background music played in the Bitcoin slot makes some difference as well because it influences a gambler’s mood and makes them fill in a proper way depending on musical style and rhythm. That means you need to choose slots according to your temper to be sure the game will not make you lose your cold mind.

Other important criteria will be your winning expectations. Pay significant attention to the RTP index and read the reviews to explore other gamblers’ experiences.

The risk for gamblers betting on Bitcoin slots

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Everybody knows that gambling is connected to certain risks, that is why online and land-based casinos are forbidden in some countries. But if you will follow some rules of how to minimize risks, you will be on the top of the game. Here are some main risks of playing Bitcoin slot machines and how to avoid it

  • Simple but very effective tip is to set an exact time limit on your gambling before you start a new game session. For example, set a timer on your mobile device for one hour, and once the ring is out – stop playing.
  • Do not forget the numbers you see onscreen are real money and set a certain money limit before you start gambling
  • Avoid chasing your losses and give yourself a promise to play for entertainment only, not for making money, as it is not your job.
  • Read about the game mechanism and get a clear understanding on how the game works.
  • Only bet an amount which you can afford to lose.

Football bitcoin slots as an alternative way of betting

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A great example of betting on bitcoin is Football superstar, developed by Endorphina.

In honor of the World Cup, developer Endorphina has released a themed game called Football Superstar, which should appeal to fans of football and gambling.

The game features five rotating reels and 50 active lines. The maximum winnings a player can get is 1000 points. The return rate is 96%. The range of possibilities is very wide: from 0.01 to 500 euros.

The player has access to basic symbols, special symbols, free spins, as well as a doubling game, where it is necessary to guess the card with the help of a virtual dealer. Unfortunately, there is no progressive jackpot, however, as we can see, this slot is the same as the good old classic slots and it can be played using bitcoins!


In the modern world, cryptocurrency has long been used as a way to accumulate capital. If earlier, citizens used the saved funds to buy gold or foreign currency, now bitcoins are becoming more and more popular and in-demand every day. This is why many bookmakers and game developers decided to include cryptocurrencies as one of the currencies available to be used in betting, slots and other entertainment.