Top 3 Trendiest Festive Lingerie Styles to Wear this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a time of warmth and celebration. It’s the time of year for giving and getting gifts, decorating trees, curling up by the fire with a good book, baking cookies, sipping hot chocolate, and enjoying quality time with the people you love the most.

Behind closed doors, however, you can have a different kind of festive fun with your partner. Wearing thematic Christmas and holiday lingerie styles can help you and your partner get into the holiday spirit and enjoy some sexy fun together in the bedroom.

If you’re in the market for new holiday-themed lingerie before the holiday season gets into full swing, check out these three styles that are topping the trend charts among festive lingerie styles this year.

  1. Sexy Red Robes

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Sexy robe lingerie styles are very in right now, and their trend factor has spilled over into the upcoming holiday season as well. Most robe lingerie styles are crafted from either silk, satin, or sheer stretch lace. Robe lingerie is comfy, universally flattering, and ultra-versatile. You can rock a lingerie robe on its own—with nothing underneath—or pair it with a teddy, bra and panty set, or virtually any other lingerie style(s) of your choice.

A sexy red lingerie robe is the perfect choice for women who want to put a festive spin on their lingerie for the holiday season but also want to keep it subtle. A lacy red lingerie robe will help get you and your partner in the holiday spirit, but—unlike more obviously holiday-themed lingerie styles—it’s also something you can keep in your lingerie wardrobe year-round and rock post-New Year’s Day.

  1. Winter-Themed Lingerie

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If you’re not into rocking red and green in the bedroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wearing festive lingerie this holiday season. Red and green aren’t the only colors you’ll see on the festive lingerie market this year. White winter-themed lingerie is also very popular as festive lingerie for this upcoming holiday season.

Lacy sheer white lingerie styles teeming with delicate feminine style are gaining ground on this year’s festive lingerie market. Most of these white lingerie styles for the holiday season are designed to be winter-themed or angel-themed. Snowflake-patterned lace detailing or trim and angelic accessories (e.g. a tiny furry white halo) are commonly included in festive white winter-themed lingerie sets for the holiday season.

  1. Holiday Lingerie Costumes

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If a sexy red robe isn’t quite festive enough for you, consider going all out this holiday season with a holiday lingerie costume. Holiday lingerie costumes are basically the equivalent of sexy Halloween costumes—but for Christmastime.

According to HauteFlair, a sexy holiday lingerie costume can be anything. It can be a sexy Santa costume, a sexy elf costume, a sexy reindeer costume, etc. etc. The possibilities are endless. While many women are—understandably—a little skeptical of rocking all-out holiday lingerie costumes, consider giving them a chance this holiday season. You might be surprised at just how sexy a Santa costume can look on you.