Top 6 Things You Need To Verify Before Choosing A Hair Transplant Surgeon

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Annually, over 630,000 patients have hair transplant according to ISHRS analytics. To imagine the popularity of the procedure, we will draw a parallel — it means that about 2,000 men and women get hair transplant every day! With the high demand for this procedure, a lot of people want to make money on this becoming so-called hair transplant surgeons or technicians. Often, they can not have even medical education! As a result, patients may face severe complications after hair transplant losing their money and even health.

Luckily, you can easily avoid such troubles if you choose a hair transplant doctor attentively. We have composed a checklist of things you need to take into account to distinguish experienced hair transplant surgeons from frauds.

Clinic’s brand reputation

The hair transplant clinics that serve international patients and care about their reputation employ only highly-qualified specialists. Such centers have certificates and awards that confirm their compliance with strict medical standards. If you look for affordable but qualitative procedure, choose the Turkish centers. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey starts from $1,500. You can check the prices on Bookimed: Top hair transplant centers in Turkey. 

Doctor’s experience

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One of the key factor that shows the professionalism of a doctor is a number of years he/she has been operating and how much hair transplants have been performed. It is better to choose a doctor with at least 4-5 years of experience or those who have already conducted at least 500-1,000 procedures. Always request this info and check its veracity in the open web sources.


Hair transplant doctors, especially those who serve international patients, take care of their reputation and want to know about the latest technologies in this field. It makes them promote their skills and participate in thematic conferences. Such hair transplant specialists demonstrate the awards and certificates that prove their professionalism with pleasure.

Before and after photos

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One more thing that will show the level of doctor’s expertise is his/her portfolio. A real specialist will always be proud to demonstrate how their patients looked before hair transplant and how they have changed. If you like the “before-after” result and want to receive the same outcome, you can choose the doctor to conduct a procedure for you, too.

Patient reviews

The experience of real people who have already had the hair transplant may help you to choose the right doctor. In the reviews, people often share whether they are satisfied with the result, photos, and prices. Also, you will know about the level of service and what to be prepared to.


It is better to avoid specialists that ask a small fee for the hair transplant procedure. The experienced and highly-qualified doctors won’t provide a hair transplant at a low price due to huge investments in the training, education, and equipment. As you see, it is quite easy to choose the right doctor for hair transplant. All you need is to be attentive, search for the info about doctors and their patients, and then make a decision to improve your appearance under the management of a particular hair transplant surgeon.