Top Electronic Logging Devices for Trucks 2024

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Fleet companies are always working on ways to make more profit. In this regard, the top picks Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) selected by Robert from are among the ways fleet companies can be more productive with their time. Many fleet companies find the use of an ELD to be more productive and also gives their drivers an extra 5-10 hours of drive time per week!

Can I Opt for ELD Powered by the Cellular Network?

Many of the most excellent ELD devices depend on a cellular network to store and transmit data. A device like that won’t work whenever the vehicle is out of the coverage area.

And in some instances, inadequate cellular network coverage has already been shown to influence the workings of such ELDs.

If you’re shopping for ELD suitable for your business needs, you should go for one which is not affected by cellular network coverage. Also, you have to make sure that the device continues to log data, even if the signal is limited or unavailable.

Many devices are designed to capture and store data on the connected mobile devices during the outage time. The cloud-based e-logs models store the collected data in the cloud and ready for retrieval whenever you need it.

Below are some of our Top Electronic Logging Devices for trucks.

Transflo ELD T-Series

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With Transflo’s ELD T-series, fleet companies can get one of the best telematics and mobility management solutions for their fleet.

When everyone was rushing to meet up with the ELD requirement, they haven’t had enough time to test devices like the T-series. And this was because the device was later released onto the market, which ends up becoming one of the best ELD solutions.

And also, the FMCSA approved the Transflo ELD T-series for meeting the most stringent requirements.

Transflo telematics provides one of the top fleet management tools and GPS vehicle monitoring for fleet managers in one kit. The company also offers powerful 4G-connected ELDs and even faster processors.

If your company has a fleet of 25 or even more trucks, no upfront hardware charges will be incurred.

Transflo also provides a Compliance Package, which contains the integration of ELD as well as mobile apps with features such as truck GPS navigation, unlimited doc scanning, and weigh station bypass.

Rand McNally ELD 50

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Rand McNally ELD 50 installs in seconds; plug the device into the J-Bus port, download the DriverConnect software, pick a monthly plan, and you’re good to go.

Using Bluetooth, the ELD solution lets you pair your ELD with your mobile device. However, a poor network connection would not affect the smooth operation of the product.

The Rand McNally ELD 50 will record HOS logs and temporarily save the data on the device if the connected phone or cellular connection is not available.

The DriverConnect software is available for both android and ios platforms, free of charge. This DriverConnect app provides you with the ability to send or receive messages, view or certify logs, complete DVIRs, and do more.

This ELD solution itself transmits engine data to the DriverConnect software on the installed vehicle.

And this enables you to make various engine diagnostics with such information, such as boost pressure, the temperature of the coolant, fuel consumption, battery voltage, and oil pressure.

BigRoad DashLink ELD

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BigRoad offers you a reasonably priced ELD solution with the DashLink ELD, which is fully compatible with both DOT and FMCSA regulations.

The DashLink ELD is specifically geared toward smaller fleets. As a result, it lacks the reporting and monitoring functionality required for handling larger fleets.

And when you install this ELD solution in your truck, it will give you a reliable method of creating engine logs. Also, it can be used as either an automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD) or an ELD.

Thus, the product enables its users to easily switch over to the ELD system before the FMCSA deadline for commercial trucks to switch to ELD.

For small fleet managers and owner-operators, the DashLink ELD is intended to offer them a great solution to comply with hours-of-service (HOS).

Benefits of Top Electronic Logging Devices for Trucks

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  • Help Maintain Compliance

Keeping a detailed record to know when your next 30-minute break is due can sometimes be complicated; however, that becomes a piece of cake when using one of the top electronic logging devices for trucks!

As you are getting close to compliance requirements, many ELD solution will send you an audible alert.

  • Track and Captures Driver Behavior

ELD Protect drivers should an accident occur. When the vehicle gets involved in an accident, ELD will protect you by capturing the behavior of drivers and cars before, during, and after the event.

  • Faster Roadside Inspections

Since drivers HOS data and all other details are electronically stored, drivers can bypass many of the more burdensome compliance requirements and zip through inspection lines.

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  • Simplify The Overall Tracking Process

One of the main advantages of ELDs’ solution is that they not only make it a lot easier to stay in compliance; however, they also simplify the tracking process.

As a result, drivers no longer need to keep arduous paper logs of everything that they do. But, with just a few taps, they will record your activities — saving countless hours every week.

  • Help Drivers to Keep Focus on the Road

It can take a considerable amount of time for the driver to check in with their dispatcher and, this may distract the driver from what’s happening on the road.

With an ELD, fleet managers always know their driver’s location and drive time right from the home office.


ELD solution providers are always working on product features that add value to fleet operation. And they’ll keep upselling these systems to their giant network of fleet companies.

Small fleet company and owner-operators that are always looking for ways to improve their business activities without making significant investments will quickly accept something that reduces costs.

Considering how fragmented the fleet industry is, it gives endless opportunities to create efficiencies by being capable of connecting everyone and give them a standard solution.

If, in this race, we had to pick a dog, we would have put our money on our top pick electronic logging devices for trucks to get first place.