How to Choose Sports Bra – Complete Sports Bra Guide 2024

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Sports bras are incredibly significant when it comes to your workouts. They provide ultimate comfort, fit, and support to help you focus on fitness. Apart from being stylish, they also offer a lot of health benefits. Sagging, chafing, bouncing, and other problems you may encounter during your workout can be kept at bay when you wear a proper sports bra.

Sports Bra Vs. Normal Bra

Choosing a perfect sports bra during your exercise is essential. This highly-functional bra is usually tailored in moisture-wicking fabric to keep the skin free from rashes. Removable cups, wide shoulder straps, and a racer-style back are some of the other highlights of a sports bra that’ll save you from discomfort, breast, neck, or shoulder pain. Its structure and features are different from a traditional bra, and that is why you need one.

There are many styles of sports bras to choose from. Do you know why sports bra style matters? You may practice yoga poses, mountain climbing, or high-intensity activities. Each physical activity requires a different kind of sports bra.

Finding the right kind of sports bra is very challenging. You must choose the right one to get excellent support, fit, and comfort. It also should protect your breasts. Sports bra styles are versatile such as racerback, pullover, back clasp, front-zip, criss-cross, tank top for every physical activity.

Types of Sports Bra

What are the types of sports bras?

What are the types of sports bra

Sports bras are categorized based on features like compression, encapsulation. Choose wisely, depending on the type of activity you’ll be performing.

Compression Sports Bra

This bra will prevent bouncing by compressing your breasts to make them stay in place during workouts. If your cup size is A, B, or C, then a compression sports bra is the best choice.

Encapsulation Bra

An encapsulation bra is crafted with separate cups to enclose your breasts and secure them with compressing completely. High-impact activities are the ones that usually demand this type of bra.

Compression-Encapsulation Bra

This bra is made to offer both compression and encapsulation. As a result, it holds your breasts in place and offers enough space for each cup. This bra also has underwire to provide ultimate support and structure to your breasts. Encapsulation-compression bra is suitable for all sizes, especially DD cups.

Underwire Vs. Wire-free Sports Bra

Choose underwire or wire-free sports bras based on your exercise or activity. A wire-free bra is a perfect choice for medium and low impact regimes. It is recommended for cup sizes, A, B, and C.

Underwire sports bras are an incredible choice for high-intensity workouts and a must-have for C-D cup sizes. They also offer excellent support and comfort. Encapsulation bras are different from underwired bras, and not all encapsulation bras are constructed with underwires, though they provide optimal support on each cup with a snug fit. You can check out Shyaway Sports Bra to choose a suitable type.

The Best Sports Bra Style for Your Workout

Choose your sports bra for workout

Active bras are creatively designed to help you with fitness routines. Today, they come in a multitude of designs and patterns to offer impeccable comfort and support without compromising on style. Here are some, to name a few!


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This style of sports bras has shoulder straps that converge to form a Y- shape at the back. Racerback bras usually opt for medium-high impact workouts. They come with non-adjustable straps, so you need to make sure to pick the right bra size. Racerback is one of the popular sports bra styles, specially crafted for high impact workouts.

Criss-cross for proper support

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These bras have criss-cross straps at the back to support the shoulder and spine. They are to be adjustable to stay secure throughout the exercise.

Front Zip for High Impact

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If you are looking for top impact support with maximum control, then you can blindly rely on the front zip bra. Sports bra with front zip has become the best companion for top impact activities, constructed with sweat-wicking fabric.

It can be worn for medium to high-intensity exercises. It is very convenient to wear or take-off and comes with removable padding. It is the perfect workout-partner for your long runs to lunges.

Pullover for Ultra Comfort

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This gym bra style is similar to tank tops, provides ultra comfort, and suitable for low impact physical activities like yoga and stretching. Women with small breasts can blindly stick to this bra; whereas, it is not recommended for women with more massive breasts since it provides comparatively less support.

Back Clasp for a Form-Fitting Shape

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A sports bra with a back clasp offers a form-fitting way and remains supportive during a workout session. It is crafted with back closure, comes with adjustable straps, hooks in the back, and has a funky keyhole design. It is by far the best sports bra for gym or yoga activities.

Tank Top for Extra Support

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It is similar to a regular bra, crafted with adjustable straps to have back closure for additional comfort. Pick this style for a low-intensity workout. It seems very lightweight the moment you slip-in. It is an ideal choice for those hot days.

What Happens When You Don’t Wear a Sports Bra?

If you skip wearing a sports bra during workouts, then you are probably making a big mistake. Your breasts need adequate support to prevent bounce; wearing a sports bra can reduce bounce by 80%.

Problems of Not Wearing a Sports Bra

  • Stretch marks
  • It can damage the ligaments of your breasts during high-intense activities
  • You may suffer from neck and back pain
  • Breast pain and sagging are the other issues you may face

How to Choose a Perfect Sports Bra

Choosing the right bra for your activity may sound challenging. Here are tips for finding the right one!

Step 1 – Measure the Band Size

Bring a measuring tape around your torso, just below the bust, and note it down as the band size. Make sure you neither hold the tape too tight, not too loose.

Step 2 – Measure the Bust Size

Similarly, measure the whole part of your bust and note it down as the bust size.

Follow the measurement guidelines below to find your sports bra size.


Whatever your bust size is and the type of exercise, wearing a sports bra is essential. It helps you move around without discomfort. To enjoy your workout session, you should own ideal sportswear. It can be your best companion during your physical activities. Let your sports bra take care of your breasts and help you concentrate on your exercise.