Traditional Timber or uPVC Windows — Which Are Best: 2024 Review

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Why Choose Traditional Timber Windows Over uPVC Plastic Windows

Sooner or later house owners face the need to replace windows. In this case, the question arises if they should leave beautiful, charming and aesthetic wooden ones or choose a modern PVC (plastic) glass unit? It seems that a plastic glass unit will be more economical to maintain and cheaper to install. When choosing glass windows, consider the following:

• Functionality;
• Ease of maintenance;
• Impact on the environment;
• Cost.

Thus, the sash window repair will flatten your wallet less than choosing a new plastic glass unit. Pay attention to the type of recycling of the used windows.

According to Sliding Sash Solutions, plastic products end up in a landfill, and technologies for processing such material are not well developed yet. It proves that the sash windows repair and replacing it with units made of similar natural material is a more environmentally friendly option than choosing synthetic materials.

You should know that for manufacturing plastic windows, much more energy is used than for making wooden units. The use of PVC items leads to an increase in the amount of emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere, which affects the environment.

Classic aesthetic

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The wood looks more aesthetically pleasing and charming than plastic. Wooden sashes may decorate both old-style houses and modern buildings. The wood has excellent texture and it is highly durable. You can restore sash windows and paint them any colour depending on the design of the facade of the building or your own preferences. Alternative plastic options cannot boast of such functionality. The range of colours of plastic frames is limited, and it is impossible to change the colour after the repair.

Plastic windows made to resemble wood don’t have the beauty and charm of the original ones. From a distance, they may appear the same. However, up close, you will not be able to see the asceticism and luxury which classic high quality timber windows are famous for. Moreover, the wood is much stronger than PVC; as a result, the frames may be less thick. Thanks to it, your rooms will be filled with light.

Wooden windows: as functional as they are beautiful

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During the sash window renovation, it may be necessary to install a plastic glass unit, the frames of which do not rot when exposed to moisture, and the fittings do not jam. It will not let drafts in, and the room will be much warmer. But after a detailed study of modern wooden sashes, you may notice that they have the same functional requirements as plastic windows.

Therefore, they provide similar protection against noise, break-ins, draughts and cold. You should know that the window frames with natural wood sashes are manufactured with high precision. This makes them move very smoothly. Gaps between the sash and the frame are minimal, which reduces the noise level and deaughts. The built-in locks increases the reliability of the windows, and so does double glazing. In fact, all wooden window repair works are carried out in accordance with modern architectural codes. The wood much better suits the double or triple glazing as plastic frames may not support the added weight.

It is believed that double-glazed sash window havs to have PVC-U frames. A lot of people asume that timber window frame is only for single glazed windows. To tell the truth, it’s just the myth. In fact, sash windows can be easily double or triple glazed. Saying that, you are able to have wonderful timber windows that are energy efficient and will protect your home from draughts.

Wood is easy to restore

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At first, it seems that:

  • Plastic frames are more durable;
  • They are not exposed to external factors;
  • They make the facade of the building look more modern.
  • It’s easier to replace plastic windows in comparison to timber.

To tell the truth, the lifespan of natural wood windows is longer than that of alternative PVC options. Wooden sashes can be used for about 60 years, and with proper care this period increases to 100 years.

Over time, plastic loses its original colour and becomes brittle. This is due to exposure to sunlight. It is difficult to fix this problem, so it is easier to proceed to refurbishing sash windows. It is enough to regularly clean the windows and paint them every 5-8 years. It will allow you to return them their original look at minimal cost. In this case, you may also change their colour.

Are you ready to embrace the beauty of traditional windows?

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The beauty of classic wooden windows is undeniable, so it is difficult to change them for modern plastic counterparts. Despite the low price of PVC, wooden sashes are more reliable and durable. They will please your eyes every day for many years. In this case, you will not need to think about replacing glass units. Regular restoration costs less than installing a new window.

Environmentally friendly natural wooden windows suit a house much better. Moreover, in accordance with the regulations, it is prohibited to use wood obtained in an illegal or incorrect way, in which the integrity of the material may be violated. Wood is obtained from certain sources, so that you can assess the quality of the finished products. If you are planning timber sash window repair works in buildings of historical value, you should restore the facade of the house only in this way.

Installation of a new glass unit will require extra permits. Therefore, it is much easier and cheaper to restore existing windows. You will return the building to its original beauty at no extra cost. This will allow you to sell it at a higher price in the future. However, if modern plastic windows are installed in a house located in a conservation area, its price will be greatly reduced. Indeed, in this case, the building will not meet the established requirements for historical sights.