10 Questions to Ask Your Replacement Windows Company Before Hiring Them 2024

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There’s no doubt that the time has come for new residential windows. What remains to be determined is which window replacement company will handle the task. Your goal is to take a look around and choose the best company, such as windowscanada.com, for the job. To ensure that you can trust these companies when it comes to replacement windows, it pays to ask some questions and pay close attention to the answers. Here are four items that should be at the top of your list.

1. Do You Charge for an Inspection and Estimate?

It is advisable to have an expert inspect the current windows and provide an estimate on the replacement cost. Some contractors offer this type of service at no charge. Others may charge a small fee for this type of support. When you call to arrange the inspection, ask specifically about this type of charge. If there is no fee or if the cost strikes you as a reasonable amount, go ahead and schedule the inspection.

2. What Window Styles Do You Offer?

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You don’t necessarily have to stick with the same window style. There may be several different styles that would work just as well or even better with the design of your home. To find out what sort of methods the windows company has to offer. One of them may be a better choice for your home rather than staying with the same old design.

3. Do I Have Choices About Window Materials?

Just as you have the option of going with a different window style, it never hurts to consider a different type of material. The fact that you’ve always had window frames and sashes made from wood doesn’t mean you can’t go with something else.

A contractor can help you compare the advantages associated with vinyl or aluminum windows. Assuming the window company offers the type of material that you decide to go with, you could end up with something that provides more energy efficiency, is easier to care for, and will last longer than the current windows.

4. Do You Provide Custom as Well as Standard Window Sizes?

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If your home is relatively new, all the windows are likely standard sizes. When the house has been around for a few generations, that may not be the case. You could have windows in the same room that are slightly different in size. That means you may need to have some of the windows custom made.

Not all window replacement companies are set up to provide custom windows or windows that are not in standard sizes. Before you make any commitment, find out if the contractor can arrange for windows that will fit properly into the home’s framework. If not, then you need to keep looking for a company that can take care of the job.

5. What are the advantages or disadvantages of this system?

One of the reasons why more and more businesses opt for this contracting model are the tax benefits offered, and specifically, the tax deduction. However, the virtues or defects of this system will depend on the way in which both the contractor and the service provider carry out their business relationship, which may affect or benefit your interests.

6. Does outsourcing violate labor rights?

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If a company has the necessary material elements to deal with labor obligations, this figure does not violate workers’ rights at all. On the contrary, if these elements are not available, a company may incur a violation of the Federal Labor Law.

In the first criteria issued by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, this figure was declared unconstitutional, since it was considered that it attacked and distorted labor rights. Likewise, it was established that the work could not be traded and that this figure represented a lease of workers.

However, in the last criteria issued by the highest court in our country, there is a tendency to “legalize” this work system, which is an undeniable daily reality of our national production system.

7. What responsibilities do I have if I contract through third parties?

There is a belief that hiring under this scheme exempts us from responsibility towards our employees. However, that could be further from the truth: the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation itself establishes that outsourcing implies a joint responsibility between the employer and the workers.

8. How does this joint work?

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Articles 12, 13, 14, 15, 15 A, 15 B, 15 C, and 15 D of the Federal Labor Law define the requirements and responsibilities of the intermediary figure. Likewise, the case of companies that provide services exclusively is established, which is known as joint and several liabilities.

For this figure to operate, the primary beneficiary (outsourcing company) mustn’t have enough of its elements to fulfill its obligations to the workers. At that time, the person in charge of solidarity is the employer who decided to occupy the services of the personnel provider.

It should be noted that this responsibility is given at the end of a labor trial carried out before the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards when the insolvency of the principal beneficiary is declared.

9. What aspects should I take into account when hiring outsourcing?

Now, as an entrepreneur, I recommend that, if you decide to enter this system, you begin by analyzing the economic situation of the service provider that you have decided to hire, looking for references with other users. Make sure that this service provider has enough material elements to meet the employer’s obligations arising from the commercial activity between them.

In the same way, I suggest that month after month, you make sure that the outsourcing that you have hired makes the payments promptly, as well as that it complies with the social benefits of the workers. With this, you are not only exercising your right as a client, but you are also fulfilling a labor obligation.

10. How to find the best outsourcing?

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There are countless companies dedicated to providing outsourcing services. Before choosing which one to hire, you should take special care with those that have doubtful fiscal and labor addresses. That can be a sign that the company does not have the material elements to meet its obligations, and this could charge you an invoice in the future not far away.

Due to the delicate nature of the issue and above all because it is a decision that directly affects or benefits your company, we recommend you go to your lawyer and trusted accounting specialist so that together they analyze the pros and cons of the outsourcing scheme.

Due to the delicate nature of the issue and above all because it is a decision that directly affects or benefits your company, we recommend you go to your lawyer and trusted accounting specialist so that together they analyze the pros and cons of the outsourcing scheme.

Once you find a window replacement company that has all the qualities that you want, it’s easy enough to request an estimation. It ensures that it includes all the anticipated charges. Assuming that the estimate is reasonable, you can authorize the work and look forward to the day when all of your old windows are gone, and the new ones are in place.