Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website

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No matter if you are a small business owner, or you have already established an e-store, need more customer visits, so you can be more successful. Having a high-traffic website is not an easy thing to do, knowing that there are plenty of sites like that in the world. The good thing is that you have a lot of free tools available, especially if you can’t afford to invest in ads and big campaigns.

But, it’s not just to attract traffic. You must attract the right people who are really interested in what you offer, who want to receive emails and notifications from you, and who are very likely to become your loyal customers. It won’t be easy, and you may need some help at the beginning, until you identify the critical points, and overcome them.

According to Webx360, you always have to go for simple, and yet effective designs, create a logo, optimize the content, and be very creative when writing the product descriptions. Professional design is something the customers prefer because it’s easy for them to navigate through the site, and find what they are looking for. And that’s what you need – a simple and still effective website that won’t make them close the tab and forget about you.

But if it seems like it’s not enough, then you are probably right, because there are a lot more things and tools you can use to improve the page visits on your e-store. In this article, we will try to mention and cover some of them, especially those who don’t demand huge amounts of money, and see how they can improve the overall performance:

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  1. Start a social media campaign and include your website link in the description

You can’t start a new business today if you don’t want to use social media. It’s impossible. On Facebook, you can create targeted ads, so you can attract the right audience. In the beginning, you can invite all your friends to like your new page, share it in some groups, on your timeline too, and briefly explain what your intentions are. Inform the people of your new website and include the link in the page description.

When you create paid campaigns, use the targeting tools properly, so you can focus on the clients who are more likely to use your products and services. Take your time and create an Instagram profile too. Use relevant hashtags, add the website URL in your bio description, and publish interesting content. Today you have plenty of options, including stories, reels, and usually posts to promote your business for a few dollars, and invite the customers to visit your website.

  1. Don’t underestimate the influencer marketing

Since you are already present on social media, you can approach the influencers who are very likely to advertise your products if you send them a PR package. Some of them will contact you for collaboration too.

Many popular and well-established brands already use these people for promotion. It’s practically a good way to show your customers that your products are relevant and popular and people want to use them too. As you grow, you can start a brand ambassador program, and have loyal people all around the world who will promote and re-sell your products.

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  1. Improve your SEO and gain more organic traffic by making your website discoverable

Search engine optimization is the key part of creating a super successful website. It’s a real challenge because there is no particular recipe you can follow, and you need to test different strategies and approaches to optimize your content. But, using a relevant description, a realistic image, and a catchy title is a must.

Use the online tools to explore the keyword trends and create a strategy according to that. As time goes by, you will be able to adjust and improve the SEO strategy for your website. But, if the analytics show you don’t get organic traffic through the search engines, then it’s the right time to optimize the content and allow the customers to find you easily.

  1. Publish relevant blog content, including active links to your offer

There is one thing in common for most successful eCommerce websites – they have a blog section too. That’s a way of promotion without directly offering some product. Instead, they are writing informative blog posts, and include recommendations for their products.

It’s a great skill to have a talent for writing and incorporate all of those things in a beautiful and catchy blog post, that will lead the visitors to follow the links, and go to your store. And many brands are really doing that. For example, if they sell skincare products, they write blogs about the common issues people may have, and include inbound and outbound links. That also improves your SEO ranking too.

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  1. Call your customers to take a part in your huge giveaway

Giveaways are great! And no one can prove us wrong in this. They are pretty obvious too, but many potential clients are interested to try something for free, and they will follow the rules you include in the post description. That’s one of the most effective ways to encourage them to click on your URL, visit your store, get informed about the available products, and so on. We don’t say it’s the best way to call them for action, but it’s effective, legal, allowed, and the best thing – they will promote you once they receive the gift, and that will lead to more active followers and potential clients too.

These are the most common ways to increase the traffic to your eCommerce website. Most of these tools are free or affordable, especially for new businesses and startups. As you can see, social media makes an important chain in this, so don’t skip using different social media platforms.Create a successful strategy based on common promotion with other brands and personalities, exceptional content, and effective SEO, and you will surely establish a strong and recognizable brand many customers will rely on.