Transform Your Lounge with a Home Video Wall

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Your lounge area is probably the heart of your home. It’s where you rest after a long day with TV as your company. It’s where you host family and friends when catching up after a long while or on special occasions.

A trend that’s been making waves in smart homes is having a video wall in the lounge area. Lots of homeowners have opted into this technology because of the sheer versatility of use, fantastic viewing experience, and ease of installation and maintenance.

Video walls are large screen entertainment centers designed for an enhanced viewing experience for common areas in corporate settings, residential lounge, and entertainment areas. Your home might have the very latest interior design trends (related article courtesy of Land of Rugs) but does it have the tech to match?

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You may think that this is just a pompous way to put a TV screen, but what sets video walls apart is the versatility of use. These can be used to display art or background videos when not in use and they are extremely energy efficient, allowing them to run for a long time without breaking the bank.

You can start planning on your lounge video wall by looking at the various styles available, Userful know what they’re talking about when it comes to video walls so check them out. Ultimately, however, the choice you make on which design to go with will depend on the look you’re going for as well as your budget. From curved screens, flat panel screens, to multi-screen tile systems and every style in between, all are designed with the viewer experience in mind. At the core of video wall display design is a keen focus on image quality. With a high pixel ratio and a large screen size, display control settings, you can customize your viewing experience to suit the media being portrayed. So, when you are hosting, you can count on your video wall to make everyone feel part of the action.

Many homeowners worry about the cost and risk of installing a video wall in their lounge area. They are so used to televisions that the thought of anything bigger is a threat. The great news here is that video walls are constructed for the purpose they serve–that creates a bigger and better viewing experience.

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For this to happen, the display system must be mounted on the wall. With this in mind, most video wall systems are created with lightweight materials and have robust security features to ensure they will stay up. You can further enhance the system by installing surround sound. This will come in especially handy for movie nights or when entertaining family and friends.

Furthermore, video walls are made for easy maintenance. Given their lightweight and being mounted on the wall, there is little effort to expend to clean it. Having one also adds an artistic touch to your lounge area. When not in use to view a live movie, you can display your favorite pieces of digital art or a video showcasing a series of photos and mementos.

Investing in a video wall can truly change how you operate in your lounge area. Not only will you have a highly functional crowd-pleasing entertainment center, but you’ll have a multifunctional space.