Traveling to Vietnam – All you need to know

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Is a trip to Vietnam on your bucket list? When it comes to that part of the world, most people opt for Thailand, but Vietnam also has many unique things to offer. If you want to make most of your journey and not miss anything, then this is the article for you. In the following text, we are going to tell you some basic things you have to know before buying tickets and booking a place to stay.

The first set of information you need is regarding visa. This can be a daunting process but it is of crucial importance to understand and check everything prior to the trip. You can apply for it online on Simply, submit your application, pay the fee, and e-visa will be sent to your email address. Get your visa-on-arrival pre-approval paper ready, have your accommodation address ready for the arrival form, and don’t forget to smile and be respectful to the immigration officers.

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Next, plan your trip to the last detail. Think about the places you want to visit, things to see and experience. Don’t overcrowd the schedule because you will not have the opportunity to enjoy. It may surprise you, but Vietnam is not a small country, and going from one place to another can take a lot of time. It is divided into three regions – North, Central, and South. Investigate all three thoroughly and make a travel plan accordingly.

Furthermore – the weather. Due to the position of the country, each of the above-mentioned regions has its own climate. In the Northern, Vietnam summers are hot and wet while winters are cool and dry. The central region is characterized by hot, dry weather between January and August. Lastly, the southern part of the country has a tropical climate with two seasons – wet and dry. For obvious reasons, you should plan your trip during the latter season, from December to April. Also, keep in mind that the weather can change drastically and quickly.

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Moreover, you have to try the local food. There are some fruits you have probably never seen before. Just make sure to thoroughly wash and clean them. Also, when choosing between street vendors, it is our recommendation to go with those that are the busiest. If you want to know what you are eating and what you shouldn’t miss, purchase a street food tour guide or if you get the opportunity ask locals.

Next, there are many tours you can go on while in Vietnam. However, be careful. Most of them don’t have positive reviews, so maybe you should go everywhere on your own. If you do decide to go with a tourist guide, research them online meticulously, and keep in mind that there are numerous businesses under the same name. Make sure to double-check everything. Also, you should not book a tour through your hotel, because you will probably overpay it.

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Lastly, when it comes to security, you have to be careful about carrying your personal belongings such as wallets, cellphones, passports, and so on. You should spread your valuable items into different bags and pockets, do not show expensive possessions, and avoid using a phone in the busy street. Vietnam is fairly safe, but as in any other country, you may have bad luck to encounter thieves.

All in all, these are some practical things you have to be aware of. Now, all you have to do is to research popular tourist sight and plan your vacation.